A pool drowning personal liability case is a tragic example of how property owners have right to trespassers, particularly children. When you hear the word trespasser, you might think of a burglar or someone else with ill intention that you don’t necessarily want to protect.

But a trespasser can also be a small child who wanders into your pool and accidentally drowns. If you suspect you might have trespassers, particularly children, you have a duty to take reasonable steps to prevent injury when you know there are hazards on your property.

A swimming pool is a good example of this, because if you have children in the neighborhood or in your home frequently, you have a duty to protect them from falling into your pool on accident. For example, you might keep the pool fenced off and locked when the pool is not in use to prevent a child from entering. If an adult broke through your lock and entered your pool without their permission, and then drowned, you would most likely not be found liable.

An Atlanta premises liability attorney may be able to provide more information about pool drowning cases.

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