If a property owner or manager doesn’t take proper care of their property, it’s possible that someone could get hurt while on the premises. For example, if a homeowner doesn’t fix the loose railing in their stairwell, a visitor could pull the railing off the wall and fall down the stairs.

The injured person could file a personal injury lawsuit against the owner of the property who knew about the railing and did not fix it. When someone is injured on another person’s property, in order to have a successful liability suit they need to prove four points.

First, that the defendant owns or controls the property. Next, that the defendant was negligent in maintaining the property, which is to say they knew about problems and did not properly fix them. Third, the plaintiff needs to prove they were harmed and, fourth, that the injury was directly related to the negligence. If you can successfully argue all four of these points, you may be awarded a settlement amount as a result of the injury.

An Atlanta premises liability attorney can provide more information on the matter.

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