When a person files a tort claim, there are two general issues: liability and damages. If you can prove that someone was liable for your injuries and that you suffered damages, you have a claim for personal injury. When you can prove your case, you will be awarded compensation for the damages you have incurred.


For example:


Automobile accidents are one of the most widely seen cases in civil court. If a victim can prove that a driver of a vehicle failed to perform with reasonable care, an accident occurred and injuries resulted, personal injury case law says that you can claim damages for your losses. Compensation may be provided for medical bills already paid and for those that may be incurred in the future.


Personal injury claims go beyond automobile accidents. They also include medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, pedestrian accidents and more. If a person has been injured and the blame of that injury lies on the shoulders of a negligent party, a claim for personal injury can be filed in court.

When a person is injured through someone’s fault in Atlanta, an experienced attorney can be of assistance. A personal injury claim can be complex and require several pieces of evidence to prove. A personal injury attorney can assist a victim in making sure all paperwork is filed appropriately and all evidence is presented. When another party is found to have been negligent or otherwise at fault, they may be held legally liable for paying damages to the victim.

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