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ANDY IS THE BEST ATTORNEY EVER! – He did an outstanding job with our case. My dad was in a bad car accident being hit in the driver’s door while standing still. He spent four days in the hospital and two months at a rehab center, with his car being totaled. Andy immediately knew exactly what to do and how to do it. It was amazing how he treats you like family and is so easy to reach by phone or email. There were no fees up front, including a free detailed and thorough consultation, just a percentage when the case was settled. It was settled efficiently in a few months without a trial. Andy personally works on the cases himself, not passing them down to other less experienced or less qualified employees like some firms do. Everything was done so efficiently by him and his outstanding paralegal Erin. There would be no better experienced, hard-working, and compassionate attorney to handle your case!

– C Kent

HALL OF FAMER – Again, thank you for a job well done. It has been a pleasure to work with the both of you to fine young businessmen. You guys just GET IT. It was just easy for us to move thru the process because you are both great teachers to the lay person and then go out and execute. I was watching Jimmy Johnson get inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame the other night and he said something thing that reminds me of you two. When he got to Dallas to coach the Cowboys his message wasn’t we are going to win again. His message was “I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN.” The coaches and players all joined in and they won two super bowls in a row. You both BELIEVE in your work and mission for the client and you will be winners for the rest of your life with that attitude.

– L & G Cox

TRULY THE BEST – Andy, you and your staff are TRULY THE BEST EVER and I mean that with all my heart! Kenny, Kaley and myself TRULY appreciate EVERYTHING you guys have done for us as well as keeping us up to date on all the information you received and notifying us right away. Again, THANKS for everything and God bless you and your staff!!

– Y Harvey

FIVE STAR ATTORNEY – My mother suffered a torn tendon in her ankle in addition to other injuries when the driver of a work van hit her head-on. Despite surgery by a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, my mother has permanent, debilitating damage to her right foot. Although I am a corporate paralegal, I wasn’t comfortable negotiating a settlement with the insurance companies due to the severity of her injuries and multiple insurance carriers involved. As a result, my mother sought counsel from a local attorney, who engaged Andy Goldner as co-counsel because of his expertise with serious auto accidents. Andy’s involvement was truly a blessing. He kept us informed of the progress of the case from beginning to end. If I or my mother had a question, which was rare because he sent me weekly e-mail updates, he was always available to discuss the case with us. Because of his experience and expertise in negotiating settlements with insurance carriers, Andy exceeded our settlement expectations without going to trial. Andy Goldner is trustworthy, reliable and an expert in his field. He provided outstanding legal services to my family as well as treated us with compassion and kindness. He is simply the best.

– Jeannie P.


JUSTICE SERVED – My family and I had never had a reason to hire an attorney until the sudden death of my thirty-one-year-old son. That incident changed our lives forever, and we did not feel that we could turn our backs on what had happened . My son, a mildly mentally handicapped young adult , was living in a facility which claimed to provide a safe, caring environment for him and for all of the other developmentally delayed clients which they house. My son, like many of the other clients, had had seizures, for which he was on medications, and the organization was well aware this. During a swimming party at this complex, my son had a seizure , went under water, and was not discovered until well over 6 minutes later. When he was pulled from the pool, he was already gone and could not be resuscitated. No one was supervising the pool when the incident occurred. After gathering and reviewing all the evidence, we decided to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Many discussions and interviews later, we ended up hiring Andy and a colleague to represent us. With great patience, empathy, and professionalism, he led us through the painful two-years of discovery, depositions, etc., which ended up in a jury trial. He was very straightforward in his approach with us and also in the courtroom. With great skill, intelligence, and hard work, he led us through a very difficult time. When all the evidence had been presented and all the testimonies had been given, the jury ruled unanimously in our favor. We will be forever grateful to Mr Goldner, for justice was served.

– Mary F.

BEST ATTORNEY & STAFF – Last year my daughter got 2nd degree burns on both hands at her daycare while playing on a plastic play ground. I had been searching online for attorney and didn’t want anyone that was on TV. I came across Andy’s office and left a message. He called me right back, he gave me some great advice. We choose him as our attorney; this was the best decision I had made. He keep me informed every step of the way. Andy made me feel like I was his only case. This is a TOP GRADE A+ ATTORNEY. Thanks again Andy for all your support.
– Robyn G.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – After a horrific automobile accident and several surgeries I was completely overwhelmed while trying to explore and understand all the legal ramifications of my teen age daughter’s situation. It seemed many lawyers were ready to help but were not as knowledgeable or patient as Andy. I was exhausted, afraid, overwhelmed, angry and confused. I had spoken with several personal injury lawyers or lawyers claiming experience in that field. They were either arrogant or ignorant. A work associate who had knowledge of Andy suggested I contact him and just ” have a conversation” … no strings, no pressure, no obligation. The associate had actually been the attorney on the other side of a case from Andy on several occasions. She spoke of his integrity and his great ability to care for and protect his clients. I called Andy on a Friday afternoon and had a relaxing, informative and productive conversation. I am an “extreme questioner” and Andy thoroughly and patiently attended to each of my questions and concerns. What was truly amazing was how easy it was to reach him by phone or email. I never had to wait long to have my questions and concerns addressed. If he couldn’t talk right then due to court or other appointments he let me know when I could expect to speak with him. I would highly recommend Andrew Goldner as your personal injury lawyer. A complete antithesis of your typical personal injury lawyer. Thank you Andy!
– Anna H.

FULLY SETTLED – My elderly father was involved in a terrible car accident in March of 2011 due to the negligence of another driver. He sustained many life-changing injuries, including brain trauma and an emergency splenectomy. My family and I contacted Andy shortly after the accident to discuss our options, knowing that my father would have medical issues for the rest of his life as a result of this accident. Andy was very open and honest about the settlement process. We felt very comfortable entrusting Andy with this task and he worked diligently to obtain a large settlement for my father so that Dad may have the resources needed to address future medical issues. Within 7 months, the claim was fully-settled without the need to file suit. Andy kept in constant contact with us during the whole process including several visits to my father’s side while he was rehabilitating. I would not hesitate to recommend Andy to my friends and family should they need an attorney.
– Vicki C.

FOREVER THANKFUL – I was involved in an accident where I was hit by a driver from a local trucking company. From the start, dealing with the trucking company’s insurance company about the repair of my vehicle was a complete nightmare. I knew that if I was having this much trouble with the repair of my vehicle when they were completely at fault and cited as such, my medical issues would be even worse. I was fortunate enough to meet someone through my work that was a client of Andy Goldner. She spoke very highly of him and upon initially talking with him I could see why. Andy was straight forward from the start. He explained the process and what to expect and always kept me up to date on the status of my case. Through the entire process I not only felt that he was completely looking out for my best interest but that he sincerely cared. Thank you Andy for handling my case and for the great job that you and your office did! I am extremely pleased and will refer you and your firm anytime the opportunity arises.
– Tammy C.

I lost the most precious gift given to me Tuesday, March 16, 2010 my son who was 18 years old in a tragic car accident. I was introduced to Andy through a mutual associate, upon meeting Andy Goldner I immediately felt that he would be an advocate for any client he represented. My suspected feeling proved to be correct, on what initially seemed to be an open and shut legal matter turned into something that took great tact and finesse by Andy and his associates. He worked diligently to see the case through and was available to answer any questions and ease any concerns I had about my case. He is truly an attorney who is a pit bull fighting on his clients behalf, while being a gentle giant when dealing with his clients. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Andy Goldner as their attorney is definitely in good and well represented hands.
– Theresa M.
Decatur, GA

My mother was injured in an accident during her residency at a nursing home and I could not have asked for a better attorney to represent my family during this very difficult time. Andy kept me informed through out the entire term of our case. Because of his legal knowledge of the health care Industry, I was confident that he would get us a fair settlement. I could not have chosen a better lawyer to represent us and I would highly recommend Andy Goldner to any one in need of professional legal representation.
– Cheryl L.

Andy Goldner is a great attorney. He goes above and beyond for his clients! He’s not just a great attorney but he also is a kind, caring and good man. He keeps you well informed of your case status. Andy Goldner and his team are wonderful!!! They are the best in their field!!!!! We are very happy with our outcome! Thank you Andy Goldner and team!!!!
– Henry and Autumn A.

Andrew made an outstanding presentation of our case, with details and examples – brought the essence of our ordeal to the table. Showed great compassion and sincerity. The outcome was to our benefit and we are grateful for all his hard efforts – he kept us updated and gave us guidance to assist us in making the right decisions and best avenue to take. His professionalism and ability to execute is without a doubt beyond the norm. Truly had faith in Andy and would recommend his services.
– Mary and Eric P.

After being involved in an injury accident, I went to Mr. Goldner on the recommendation of a family member. Having never been involved in a lawsuit of any kind, I had no idea what to expect. Andy explained all of our options, possible ramifications of our actions, and probable outcomes. Following his advice and experience, we were able to make the correct decisions to arrive at a timely, positive outcome. We were well informed and involved in the entire process.
– Bill J.

I needed to find an attorney and I was so lucky to find Andy. At a time in my life when I didn’t know who to turn to for assistance, we found Andy. He was informative and caring. There was never a time I had to question how things were going; he kept me informed at all times. I feel confident with Andy and trust his decisions and advice. I have no complaints and can’t say enough good things about him. I recommend him to all my friends.
– Gloria W.

Andrew Goldner, in partnership with Steve Goldner, worked extremely hard to get a positive resolution to my malpractice case, which involved the loss of one of my eyes during surgery. While other attorneys told me all the reasons why my case was difficult to pursue, the Goldner team saw the injustice and kept digging and digging to bring the truth to light and to make sure that I received justice. Because of them, we reached a sizable settlement in October of 2007. Andrew in particular, uncovered extremely valuable information that was a turning point in my case. Not every attorney cares enough, or has the tenacity and drive to do what he did for me. I would not have had a successful result in my case if it had not been for all of his hard work and legal skill. I will forever be grateful and would highly recommend Andrew Goldner!!!!
– Ursula B.

Once Mr. Goldner took my case, it was only months before we were able to reach a settlement. He met with me and collected all of the facts. He was very personable and easy to work with. Thank you for your quick and honest work.
– Nick B.

Mr. Goldner took the time and respect to ensure that my mother–in–laws medical malpractice case was handled both in a manner to meet her specific concerns and give her future protection to ensure she has means to care for herself. Mr. Goldner was wonderful to ensure that the whole family new what was going on throughout the entire process. I would recommend him to anyone that has a serious claim of medical malpractice and wants to ensure that it is handled in an assertive yet professional and respectful manner that will allow a client to remain comfortable.
– Mimi W.

Attorney Andy Goldner is one of the best lawyers in Georgia. He is well qualified to fight for his clients. You can feel comfortable because he keeps you well informed as the case progress. In securing an attorney, I would recommend him as being the top in Atlanta.
– Bertha S.

WOW-What an Amazing Lawyer!
Mr. Andy Goldner is a professional at his craft. He really understands the client’s point of view and is always forthcoming with what he can offer to the given situation. He is a family man and he and his staff treats you like a family member, when offering service for your situation. I have and will always recommend Mr. Andy Goldner to my family, friends and co-workers. He has proven to be a loyal and trustworthy lawyer and that is what you need in your time of distress. Andy you “ROCK”!
– Gloria W.

As a chiropractor who treats personal injuries and who has years of experience in working with numerous attorneys on personal injury cases, Andy Goldner is who I chose to represent me when I was recently injured following a rear end collision with a tractor trailer truck. His level of professionalism, forthrightness, and the personal attention I received throughout the whole process left lasting impressions. I received calls on a regular basis informing me of where things stood, and appreciated the fact that I always had direct contact with my attorney and not a legal assistant. I was very pleased with the representation provided to me and the outcome of my case and would highly recommend Andy Goldner to represent your case.
– Alfredo G.

My 16 year old son was injured in an automobile accident and lost his hearing. After trying to deal with the insurance company myself, and getting nowhere, I was referred by another attorney to Andy. Andy worked diligently on my case, eased my worries and made this process an easy one for me. I couldn’t have been in better hands and will be forever grateful for Andy’s help. I would highly recommend Andy!!
– Donna E.

I would like to take this time to thank Andy Goldner and his staff for all their legal advice and helping us put things in perspective, when we needed it most. It only took one call to your firm and you were there willing to listen and give us the legal advice we desperately needed. Your legal advice put us at ease when we did not have any answers. You were sincere and honest when it came to telling us if we had a legal case and you knew our options. My family was very pleased with the way Andy Goldner handled our case. He was always nearby and prompt to return our calls and answer any questions we had. We won our case and I knew we would prevail with a winning team like Andy Goldner’s. Thank you Andy Goldner for your legal expertise.
– Norma V.

A young driver on a cell phone was the cause of my car accident. Although no one was severely injured at the scene, the accident caused over $12,000 damage on my vehicle alone. Later I learned that I needed knee surgery as a result of this impact. As a working mother of two young children I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on this case and deal with the insurance companies. Andy was highly recommended by a friend that is also an Attorney, she said that just handling the paper work alone would be a tremendous help. Andy was willing to accommodate my schedule by handling my case by phone, fax and email at my request. He was extremely knowledgeable, honest, direct and diligent. The settlement exceeded my expectations. Thank you Andy.
-Renée S.

I was looking for an attorney for a medical malpractice case. After phone conversations with several attorneys we were not satified with the people we spoke with. Finally a friend told me about Andy Goldner. He came to our home and we discussed the case in depth. Andy took our case and he was great. He kept us up to date by emails and phone calls. He is a very good attorney that goes above and beyond for his clients. I recommend Andy to anyone seeking an attorney. He got us a very good outcome for our case. He makes you feel at ease when talking to him. He gives you his honest opinion about what he thinks also.
– Cathy B.

In May of 2011, a packaged lamp broke apart while I was holding it, severing a tendon and nerves in my dominant thumb. After learning of the severity of the injury and the uncertain prognosis for the future recovery of the thumb, I decided to explore my legal options against the responsible company. I was put in touch with Andy Goldner by an attorney who spoke very highly of Andy’s skills and of his past successes in similar personal injury situations. From the outset of my conversations with Andy, I could immediately tell that he was going to be the ideal counsel for my case. He presented me with all of my available options, as well as the possible short- and long-term ramifications and outcomes of each; as someone with no previous experience working with an attorney, this was greatly appreciated. Andy was also honest and realistic about the case’s likelihood for success, never promising anything, while also maintaining an appropriate degree of optimism for our ultimate chances at a positive outcome. Throughout my recovery and rehabilitation, he kept in close contact, both checking in on me and updating me on the latest news of our case. In the end, Andy was able to negotiate a very generous settlement from the responsible company, and I am so grateful for the hard work he and his staff put in on my behalf. Andy Goldner is the real deal, and I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him to anyone in search of a highly competent personal injury attorney who will also genuinely care about you as a person.
– Chris R.

I was injured in a slip and fall accident at a local strip shopping center resulting in multiple broken bones and surgeries. Fortunately, Andy Goldner was involved in my case. I learned the typical stereotype of a personal injury attorney does not apply to Andy. It quickly became apparent that Andy is well respected by his peers in the Atlanta law community, as well as his clients. Thanks to his professionalism and knowledge of the law, a settlement was reached within days of the scheduled trial. I would highly recommend him to any of my family or friends.
– Traci L.

I was involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer truck. Of course we are all inundated with those T.V. commercials for law practices advertising large settlements – however, I was not interested in moving in that direction. To be honest, I had never been involved with any type of lawsuit and don’t consider myself to be litigious, but while trying to recover and realizing that additional medical expenses would be needed as well as the cost of replacing my vehicle, upon the advice of friends and family, I consulted with an attorney who referred me to Andy. From the beginning, Andy made it very easy to deal with him. He explained what our steps would be as well as informing me of possible outcomes. He kept in contact with me throughout the long process and was always willing to answer my questions. The one thing that I found to be better than anticipated was that I dealt directly with Andy and not his assistants/associates. That made me feel more comfortable for many reasons – but mostly because I was able to express my concerns directly to him and not have to go through someone else to get the message to him. After consultation with Andy as to options and potential outcomes, I was able to come to the decision to settle the case at an amount that will allow for future medical costs with sustaining issues from the accident. I appreciate that Andy will take the time to speak with you and give you his professional opinion so that you can then make an informed decision about your situation. While I hope to never have to go through this type of situation again, I would not hesitate to retain the services of Andy if that unfortunate situation would arise.
– Janice B.

In August of 2011, my mother was injured in while in the nursing home. After already dealing with her sudden stroke and having two brain surgeries, this felt like the end of the world. While my younger brother and I dealt with the emotional part and making sure my mother’s wounds healed properly, my dad was making another important call. He was given the number of Attorney Goldner from a friend that spoke very highly of him and his work. Although my head was never in the lawsuit, because my mom had to get 22 stiches in her forehead and now we (the family) felt like we had to be there with her; Attorney Goldner began work immediately. His hard work, expertise in his field, customer service and warm smile, the case moved along with minimal work from the family. Mr. Goldner kept me informed with each move/change that he took. He truly goes that extra mile for each of his clients. He made our family feel as though we were the only case that he was handling. I would recommend Attorney Goldner to anyone in need. He’s the best and gives you the attention and care that you deserve, even when you feel like it’s you against the world. I love Attorney Goldner and his staff for what they did for my mom.
– Courtney O.

Mr. Andrew Goldner represented our family in a wrongful death case against a nursing home and two doctors. My father’s life was prematurely ended by the negligence of a nursing home and two doctors. After meeting with Mr. Goldner for the intial assesment our our dilemma, Mr. Goldner had advised us that this case would be a difficult case to win because of certain documents my mother had signed at the nursing home. The document my mother signed was an “arbritration agreement” which stated that the nursing home could not be sued for any wrong doing and that an “Arbitator”, and not jury, would oversee the case. Mr. Goldner pointed out our difficult task at hand. Mr. Goldner accepted our case and he fought vigorously and was able to receivie a judgment against the nursing home. Mr. Goldner’s trial attorney experience was of immense help to our case when he was able get one of the physicians tending my father’s care to admit to negligence in his deposition. Mr. Goldner then used this information as leverage against the big insurance companies and fought for a settlement. Andy is a true professional and continuously fought on our behalf in every matter possible. Andy truly had our family’s best interest in mind at all times. It is rare to find an attorney that puts such emphasis on family values. After the case was fully settled in our favor in both the nursing home and doctor’s cases, he hugged my mother instead of a hand shake. Andy is a compationate person and fights for his clients as if the wrong doing was against his own family member. My mother’s financial situation was impacted in a very positive manner due to Andy’s efforts. No amount of money can bring back a loved one. However, Mr. Andrew Goldner was able to give my mother and our family some closure. Many thanks and blessings go to Andy and his family.
– Neal D.

I was involved in an accident where a delivery truck ran a red light and hit my van. I injured my neck and needed surgery and I knew that I needed an attorney that would make sure me and my family were taken care of. Andy did just that! He walked us through each step and was always honest with us about what to expect. He was able to negotiate a great settlement without going to court and we are so grateful for everything he did for us!
– Jennifer F.

As a litigator it is an odd sensation to become the party to a potential lawsuit. After becoming the victim of a hit and run that left me with serious injuries my first phone call was to my good friend and fellow attorney, Andy Goldner. Before hiring Andy I knew Andy socially as well as being co-counsel with him on prior cases. I knew Andy’s good reputation and professionalism before hiring him but was even more impressed after I became his client. Andy’s office kept me abreast of each step in the process and checked in with me about my well-being and recovery on a regular basis. Though I am an attorney I’m not experienced in personal injury law. Andy patiently explained the process of dealing with the medical professionals and handled the interactions with the insurance company so that I could focus on recovering from my surgery and getting well. My faith in Andy’s professionalism and effectiveness was warranted but when I became his client I was even more impressed with his compassionate, hands on approach to dealing with clients. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone seeking assistance with a serious personal injury.
– Marcus K

Help as good as the best medicine.
It’s been 15 months since I tripped and fell over an impediment in the flooring at a store. My injury
required a major surgery which has allowed me to basically function. Thank goodness my son found the Goldner Law Firm to take on my case! Within a day Joshua Stein checked into the origin of The accident and took photos for evidence. He then interviewed me and my son. Once he had the basic information, the team proceeded to pursue everything that needed to be done to deal with all facets of preparing a legal case. They had gathered photos, hired professionals for review, communicated with Medicare, took depositions and engaged with me for the final settlement of my case. There was never a time when I wasn’t informed of the case status. There was never a time when a question of mine went unanswered. It was a worry-free working relationship, something that was very much appreciated as I was going through a difficult recovery. It’s rare to have such competency & compassion along with a satisfactory completion in any contract.
Thanks to Josh, Andy and Erin

– M L Johnston


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