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Burn injuries are often devastating. We have seen burn injuries in Atlanta, Georgia tractor-trailer collisions, automobile crashes, and as a result of product defects.

Also, we have assessed cases all over Georgia where the owners of various rental homes and apartment complexes have failed to take necessary precautions to bring the structures within code, resulting in unnecessary burn injuries during residential fires.

Obviously, life is forever changed when a person suffers a burn injury. We work with our clients in an effort to secure top-notch medical care and a monetary recovery against the negligent party. While money damages cannot return the injured person to his or her pre-accident condition, a financial recovery does allow for security and, if needed, continued care.

Burn injuries are classified a number of different ways, depending upon locality and medical provider; however, below is a good general overview of burn injuries.

    • Superficial Burns (First Degree) – The epidermis (outer layer of the skin) is involved. There may be redness and pain; however, blisters are usually not present.
    • Partial Thickness – Superficial Burns (Second Degree) – The superficial dermis and usually the dermis (middle layer of the skin) are involved. Blisters, clear fluid, and pain are associated with this category of burn.
    • Partial Thickness – Deep Burns (Third Degree) – The deep dermis is involved. These burns generally appear whiter in color and involve reduced sensation due to the extent of the damage.
    •  Full Thickness Burns – (Fourth Degree) – With this category of burn, there is usually complete destruction of all layers of the skin down to the subcutaneous fat. The injury appears charred (leathery in appearance) and skin grafts are frequently required. Sometimes, these injuries are not a painful as other types of burns because the nerves have been severely damaged or destroyed.

Burns may also be assessed and classified in terms of total body surface area (TBSA). Burns of 10% of the TBSA in children may be life-threatening and burns of 15% of the TBSA in adults may be life-threatening.

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