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Hundreds of car accidents happen every day, but most of us assume that we will never be the victim of a serious crash. If a car accident has caught you or a loved one off guard and resulted in medical bills, surgery, or other major issues, our Atlanta car accident lawyer, Andrew E. Goldner, is ready to review your case for free today. We understand what it takes to get car accident victims the money that they deserve after a collision.

Even a seemingly minor car accident can have profound effects on your life. You could suddenly be without a car, which could hinder your ability to work. You could also suffer from injuries that keep you in the hospital, racking up medical bills. And often, it’s not just you that’s affected. Your family could also suffer because of the actions of another driver or business.

Andrew E. Goldner knows what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve after an Atlanta car accident. You may be entitled to damages for:

  • Lost wages
  • Damage to your vehicle and other property
  • Past and future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering, mental anguish, etc.
  • Future medical costs
  • And more

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Don’t Trust the Insurance Company

After your car accident, an insurer may present some paperwork for you to sign in exchange for a settlement check. DON’T SIGN ANYTHING until you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Insurance companies are in the business of making money. So, they will almost certainly low-ball your settlement offer in hopes of paying out as little as possible.

Andrew E. Goldner has fought insurance companies in and out of court to get his clients the best settlements and results possible. Even if the offer you get from your insurer seems reasonable, it’s a wise move to have it reviewed by an attorney; once you accept that settlement, it’s virtually impossible to take further legal action related to your car accident. Plus, your consultation is free, so you don’t risk anything by speaking with an attorney before signing paperwork.

Our Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Is Ready to Get to Work

At the Law Offices of Andrew E. Goldner, we know how much is on the line after a car accident. We will do everything we can to improve your chances of recovering every penny that you deserve, and securing a settlement amount that address all of your losses, past, present, and and future.

We will also make sure that your claim is filed within the statute of limitations, and that an insurance adjuster does not get away with lowballing a settlement offer. We have the resources necessary to investigate your accident, prove liability, organize your medical bills, file your claim, and negotiate on your behalf. If need be, we also will be prepared to take your case to court.

Andrew E. Goldner has helped accident victims whose losses total more than $1,000,000 recover the compensation that they so desperately needed. If your future is on the line, do not try to go at it alone – work with our injury attorneys. You can reach us today for a free case consultation by calling our offices directly at (404) 869-1580, or by filling out our online contact form.

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