C.C. $18,100,000
Wrongful Death / Car Accident
Confidential wrongful death settlement. Our law firm investigated and extensively litigated this wrongful death car wreck case. The facts and identities of the parties are confidential at the request of the defendants. We were able to resolve this matter for an amount believed to be among the largest pre-trial settlements in Georgia history for the death of an adult.
C. S. $5,750,000
Wrongful Death / Highway Construction Zone
Recovery on behalf of three children whose mother was killed in a collision on an Interstate in Dekalb County, Atlanta, Georgia. Our client was a passenger when her car was side-swiped by a driver entering the highway in a poorly designed temporary traffic control area. Our law firm pursued a case against the merging driver, who tendered his liability and excess insurance policies pre-suit, as well as the roadway contractor. Liability was denied by the roadway contractor and no offer to settle was made before we filed a lawsuit. After extensive discovery, and the identification of multiple expert witnesses, the roadway contractor elected to settle the case rather than proceed to trial.
C.C. $2,800,000
Wrongful Death / Company Vehicle / DUI
The case was resolved after our law firm was retained to investigate and litigate a collision involving an employee of a national company, who was driving his work-issued truck, and an Atlanta resident. As part of the settlement agreement, the Defendants in this case required that almost all of the facts about the collision and litigation be confidential.
L.C. $2,015,000
Head and Hip Injuries / Tractor-Trailer collision
We represented a small business owner from South Carolina who was in a serious collision with a tractor-trailer on her way home from the Atlanta airport. On Interstate 85 near the Georgia/South Carolina border, our client’s SUV was rear-ended at a high rate of speed by a commercial truck and then pushed into another tractor-trailer. Our client suffered a serious injury to her hip (requiring surgery), rib fractures, and post-concussion syndrome. Our law firm’s accident reconstruction team found that 3 of the 6 brakes on the tractor-trailer were not working and the truck should not have been on the road. We were able to secure nearly all of the available liability and underinsured motorist insurance policy limits without the need for litigation.
K.L. $2,000,000
Brain and Orthopedic Injuries / Tractor-Trailer collision
Our firm was asked to investigate a catastrophic collision between a car driven by local businesswoman and a tractor-trailer on Camp Creek Parkway in Fulton County, Georgia. The investigating officer and accident report placed the fault for the collision on our client, concluding that she turned left in front of the semi-truck at an intersection. Our client was left with no memory of the wreck as a result of a head injury and severe orthopedic injuries. Our firm investigated the collision and ultimately secured the dash camera from the truck. The video recording of the actions of the tractor-trailer in the moments leading up to the collision showed that the commercial driver was speeding and ran a red light at the intersection where the wreck occurred. The insurance companies paid the entire policy limits rather than facing a lawsuit and trial.
M.F. $2,000,000
Drowning Death / Negligent Supervision
Our client was the mother of a 31-year-old high functioning mentally disabled man. He lived at a facility in Roswell, Georgia where the residents had their own apartment and had access to various amenities, including a swimming pool. The man had a known seizure disorder. Unfortunately, while walking in the shallow water of the pool, he suffered a seizure and remained submersed in water. The facility employees were not supervising the pool appropriately and failed to pull him from the water until after he died. The highest pre-trial offer from the Defendants was $50,000.00. The Defendants believed that they could convince the jury that no supervision was owed because the decedent was high functioning and assumed the risks associated with swimming. In addition, the Defendants argued that he suffered a fatal cardiac event in the pool and did not, in fact, drown. The jury in the State Court of Fulton County deliberated for an hour before returning a $2,000,000.00 verdict for our client.
J.C. $1,775,000
Wrongful Death / Tractor-Trailer collision
Recovery on behalf of a widow whose husband was driving a tractor-trailer outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee when another truck driver caused his truck and trailer to cross into the opposite lanes of travel on Interstate 24. The collision caused a massive explosion, which killed our client’s husband. The at-fault trucking company was headquartered in Dekalb County, Georgia and a lawsuit was filed there before the company and various insurance carriers agreed to resolve the case.
C.C. $1,600,000
Commercial Vehicle Wreck
Client suffered leg injuries as a result of a rear-end collision caused by the driver of a commercial truck. We filed and litigated this case until it was ready for trial. After we deposed the truck driver, corporate representative, responding police officer, scene witnesses, and our client’s surgeon, the Defendants chose to resolve the case.
L.B. $1,550,000
Commercial Truck Accident / Neck Surgeries
Our firm was retained to represent the wife of a local attorney. Our client was in a car which was rear-ended by a commercial truck in Roswell, Fulton County, Georgia. While our client did not go to the hospital by ambulance, she did develop neck pain within two days of the collision. Thereafter, she was diagnosed with herniations in her neck, which ultimately required two fusion surgeries. The Defendant truck company was underinsured for the wreck, but our clients maintained a substantial Underinsured Motorist policy. Just prior to trial, the insurance company paid to settle the case after over a year of litigation.
L.B. $1,500,000
Dangerous and Falling Tree / Wrongful Death
We represented the parents of a seven year old child who was killed by falling tree branches at a home he and his family rented outside of Macon, Georgia. The family and neighbors had previously informed the landlord that the tree was dropping branches and dangerous. Yet, the landlord did not have the tree removed. When the child was playing in the backyard of the house, the tree dropped a number of massive branches, killing the boy. We secured the entire liability and umbrella policies from State Farm, the insurance company for the homeowner / landlord.
S.B. $1,350,000
Boating Accident / Drunk Driving
Our client, a 38 year old man from the Southside of Atlanta, was asked to take a ride on a boat owned and operated by a neighbor. The driver was drunk and impaired. He steered the boat into a concrete dock at a high rate of speed, resulting in our client being ejected from the boat. Our client suffered severe orthopedic injuries, including a fractured hand and leg, both of which required surgery with hardware and extended rehabilitation. We filed the case after the at-fault insurance company, Allstate, did not offer fair value for the case. Soon thereafter, the case resolved.
R.H. $1,300,000
Brain Injury / Auto vs. Pedestrian Accident
Recovery on behalf of an 89 year old man. Our client, an independently living 89 year old man, took his truck to be serviced at a local tire shop. After being informed that his truck was ready, our client walked into the parking lot and was tragically struck by a vehicle being driven by a tire ship employee. Through discovery, we uncovered a videotape of the incident and also learned that the at-fault employee had a terrible driving record. The commercial insurance company for the tire shop, Liberty Mutual, refused to make an offer to resolve the case before a lawsuit was filed. The case was resolved at mediation after a lawsuit was filed and just prior to the depositions of the Defendants’ employees.
O.B. $1,050,000
Dram Shop / Drunk Driving Collision
We secured this policy limit settlement on behalf of an Atlanta Police DUI Task Force Officer who was critically injured by a drunk driver. Through discovery, we were able to prove that the driver had consumed a substantial amount of alcohol at a local sports bar and had been served drinks by a bartender with whom he had a personal relationship. After leaving the bar, the drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel and collided with our client, who was monitoring traffic from his police car on the side of the highway. Our client made a remarkable recovery, but the insurance company elected to tender the entire policy limit rather than face a trial.
G.D. $1,040,000
Wrongful Death / Tractor-Trailer Collision
We represented the surviving family members of a woman killed when a tractor-trailer driver pulled out in front of a car in which she was a passenger, causing a horrific collision outside of Macon, Georgia. Initially, the trucking company tried to deny liability for the wreck; however, after our experts gathered the electronic and scene data, the insurance companies tendered the applicable policy limits.
J.K. $1,000,000
Leg Fractures, Orthopedic Injuries, Truck Accident
Our firm secured a policy limits result in a multi-claimant case. Our client was riding as a passenger in Athens, Georgia when a commercial truck ran a stop sign and struck his vehicle head on. Our client suffered numerous fractures of his leg, among other injuries, resulting in substantial medical bills and lost time from work.
S.T. $1,000,000
Leg Fractures, Orthopedic Injuries, Truck Accident
Our firm secured a policy limits result in a case where an oversized load escort vehicle swerved into our client’s lane, forcing her off of the road. Our client, a college student, suffered significant injuries to, and underwent surgery upon, her leg. The driver of the escort vehicle denied liability and blamed our client for the wreck. We were able to find the only nonparty eyewitness to the incident, who confirmed our client’s version of events. After filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and company, the full policy limits were collected.
J.G. $940,000
Policy Limits, Quadriplegia, Tractor-Trailer Wreck
Our firm secured the available policy limits for a Florida resident whose van was struck by a tractor-trailer near Macon, Georgia. Our accident reconstruction team was able to show that the driver of the commercial vehicle was driving too fast for conditions and unable to safely stop when highway traffic presented due to construction.
U.B. $940,000
Medical negligence, loss of right eye
Our client lost her right eye after awakening during ocular surgery due to insufficient amounts of anesthesia. The defendants elected to settle the case just prior to trial.
C.P. $900,000
Tractor-Trailer Wreck
Our client, a 25-year-old mother of two children, was significantly injured when a commercial truck ran a red light and caused a major collision in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia. Our referring lawyer was able to secure a $250,000.00 offer on the case and, to his credit, recognized that this was insufficient compensation for the client’s injuries. She suffered, among other things: a pneumothorax, five broken ribs, loss of her spleen, a fracture of her arm (requiring surgery), a clavicle fracture (requiring surgery), scarring, and chronic headaches. After our law firm filed and investigated this matter, we were able to position the case for early settlement discussions. We secured the client 90% of the available insurance policy.
H.A. $790,000
Client shot through the hand during an attempted robbery at a gas station, which had prior violent crimes and no security to protect customers
Our client stopped at a gas station off of Fulton Industrial Blvd. in Atlanta in order to purchase a drink. He was assaulted and shot outside of the gas station after making his purchase. Through extensive discovery and depositions, we were able to prove that the gas station owners had knowledge of many prior crimes on their property and failed to take any remedial measures to protect their customers. Fortunately, our client recovered physically, but much of this unfortunate case centered upon his post-traumatic stress disorder.
A.W. $750,000
Child and Father Injured in Dog Attack
In what is believed to be the largest dog attack settlement ever recorded in or around Cherokee County, Georgia, our firm secured $750,000.00 for a 3 year old child and her father as a result of a dog attack. On Halloween, the little girl and her father approached a house within their neighborhood to trick-or-treat and rang the doorbell. Once the door was opened, a pit bull charged from the home and attacked the child. In an effort to save his daughter, the child’s father and other adults forcefully pulled the dog from the child. The father suffered a ligament injury to his hand which was surgically addressed. The young child suffered scarring on her head and neck, as well as a wound infection.
H.G. $750,000
Child Injured at Daycare
Our firm represented a 5 year old boy who suffered a significant injury on a broken swing at a daycare in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The child was allowed to use a broken swing and left unattended by a staff member. Unfortunately, he became impaled on the swing, suffering a massive laceration on his lower body.
The daycare initially tried to blame the child for using a broken swing, as did their liability insurance company. Then, the management team misrepresented what occurred when the State of Georgia (Bright From The Start) investigated the incident. Further, management denied knowledge of the broken swing even though multiple employees testified that they informed the daycare managers that the swing was broken weeks before the incident. The daycare ultimately offered $125,000 to resolve the case, saying that they would not pay more. Two weeks before trial the insurance company paid $750,000 to the child in order to avoid facing our team in Court.
M.M. $700,000
Dangerous Premises / Brain Injury
We represented a lady who presented to a salon within a local department store in order to have her hair cut. The entrance to the Salon was undergoing construction and renovation. Unfortunately, the construction area was poorly marked and our client was directed to enter the Salon through the area under repair. She tripped and struck her head against a metal sign, resulting in a severe brain injury. Our firm asserted claims against the department store, general contractor, and sub-contractors. We were able to secure our client an amount of money that will provide her financial freedom and cover necessary medical care for the rest of her life.
R.S. $650,000
Client in rear-end collision on highway who suffered brain injury, loss of his spleen, and multiple fractured ribs
Our client’s car was rear-ended at highway speeds by an SUV on I-575 in Cherokee County, Georgia. While the at-fault driver was not given a traffic citation in connection with this wreck, we were able to track down a key eyewitness who helped us establish our case. Our client substantially recovered from his brain injury; however, we secured enough money to take care of his future medical and income needs.
D.J. $500,000
Tractor-Trailer Wreck
Our client was on his motorcycle and stopped for a downed tree on Knox Bridge Highway in Cherokee County, Georgia. A tractor-trailer driver was operating his vehicle too fast for conditions and caused a chain reaction collision, knocking our client off of his motorcycle. Our client broke his foot and also suffered injuries to his back. His back injuries did not respond to physical therapy and ultimately required a fusion surgery. The Defendants initially claimed that our client was faking his injuries and that he was not actually thrown from his motorcycle as a result of the collision. Accordingly, little money was offered to resolve the case before suit was filed. Our law firm was associated to file and litigate the case. After we deposed the at-fault truck driver and trucking company owner, we were able to prove a number of safety violations that contributed to this wreck. We were also able to prove that the at-fault driver was not compliant with federally mandated post-collision drug and alcohol screening, which raised a number of questions about the driver’s behavior. Ultimately, the insurance company for the Defendants paid to resolve the case instead of trying it to a jury.
A.S. $500,000
Commercial Vehicle/ Motorcycle Accident Fatality
Our law firm was asked to take over this case just prior to suit. The deceased motorcyclist was found at fault for a collision in Cobb County, Georgia as a result of excessive speeding. Yet, the commercial vehicle turned left in front of the motorcyclist and we argued that the commercial driver did not leave sufficent time to complete the turn. The insurance company defending the commercial vehicle and driver agreed to pay $500,000 rather than a face a lawsuit and being forced to defend a left-turn case.
M.S. $475,000
Tractor-Trailer Wreck
Our firm represented a man who was seriously injured during a collision with a tractor-trailer in Dekalb County. Among other injuries, our client sustained a broken hip and foot, both of which required surgery. Our client was given a ticket by the responding police officer and found to be at-fault for the collision; however, through the use of an accident reconstruction expert and scene diagrams, we were able to convince the insurance company that the truck driver bore substantial responsibility for the wreck
D.C. $450,000
Tractor-Trailer Wreck
Our firm represented a young man who suffered catastrophic facial injuries after a tractor-trailer pulled out in front of his vehicle in a small town in middle Georgia. Initially, the trucking company sought to deny liability based upon statements from witnesses at the scene; however, our firm retained an expert team of accident reconstructionists and we were able to prove that the truck driver was negligent. We recovered all insurance funds available for the client.
F.B. $417,000
Medical negligence / ventilator misuse, death
We represented the family of 78 year old who was killed after a hospital employee negligently failed to turn a ventilator to the ‘on’ position after placing patient on the machine. While the patient had very significant co-existing health conditions, we argued that she deserved to pass with dignity on her own terms.
C.C. $400,000
Car accident / Back Surgery
Our client underwent back surgery months after she was struck by a car. Initially, the defendant denied liability and attempted to blame our client for the wreck. After the at-fault driver and treating surgeon were deposed, the case resolved at mediation.
C.C. $395,000
Pedestrian / Commercial Vehicle
We represented a pedestrian who was struck by a commercial vehicle and underwent shoulder surgery as a result of his injuries. The remainder of the facts of this matter are confidential, at the request of the Defendants and their insurance carrier.
E.K. $375,000
Policy limit settlement / Hip Fracture
Our client, a 93 year old resident of Gwinnett County, Lilburn, Georgia, was in his car waiting to turn out of a shopping center. Another vehicle was pushed into his car, resulting in a significant collision. Our client suffered a non-surgical fractured hip, was hospitalized, and then confined to a sub acute care facility for two months while he underwent rehabilitation. We were able to secure the entire liability and UM policy insurance limits which were available to him.
A.F. $375,000
Hip Fracture
Settlement for elderly client who suffered a nonsurgical hip fracture after being struck by a car in a parking lot.
M.R. $375,000
Leg Fractures, Rib Fractures, Spine Injury, Car Accident
Our firm secured a policy limits result for a local school teacher who suffered severe injuries to, and underwent surgery upon, her leg. In addition, our client suffered rib and spine injuries after a driver turned left in front of her, causing a major collision. We were able to secure the full policy limits available from both our client’s underinsured motorist carrier and the at-fault driver’s liability insurance, without having to file a lawsuit.
C.C. $350,000
Policy Limit
Policy limit settlement for two clients who sustained head, arm, and chest injuries after a collision with a drunk driver.
N.B. $350,000
Chiropractic malpractice, stroke
Our client, a thirty year old, suffered an ischemic stroke after a chiropractor negligently performed a neck adjustment and then negligently failed to recognize the signs of impending stroke. Our client fully recovered but we were able to secure an amount of money sufficient to protect him in the event of any future related health issues.
A.P. $300,000
Medical malpractice case where a surgeon performed client’s diverting colostomy backwards, resulting in infection and repeat surgery
A.H. $300,000
Policy limit settlement / Spine surgery
Our client, a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, was a passenger in a car driven off of the highway outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. She suffered a fractured neck and broken wrist a result of the wreck. We were able to identify a number of insurance policies which were applicable to the claim.
B.O. $300,000
Insurance Policy Limits for Burn injuries / Premises Liability
We represented a middle school student who suffered serious burn injuries over much of her body as a result of a homeowner’s negligent supervision of a bonfire at his residence. The child sustained burns to her legs, arms, and stomach because children attending the bonfire were left unattended with gasoline. We were able to convince the homeowners’ insurance company to tender Policy Limits without the need to file a lawsuit.
M.P. $285,000
Client in head-on collision with driver, fractured wrist, fractured, ribs, post-traumatic carpel tunnel syndrome
Our client’s car was hit by a driver who crossed over the double yellow line on a roadway near Chastain Park in Atlanta, Georgia. The at-fault driver died at the scene. Our client suffered a fractured wrist, fractured finger, and multiple broken ribs, as well as post-traumatic carpal tunnel syndrome.
J.Y. $285,000
Motorcycle collision / Ankle Surgery
We represented a woman from Kennesaw, Georgia who was thrown from her motorcycle while riding in Chattooga County, Georgia. A wheel from a trailer traveled across the highway and struck our client’s bike, throwing her to the ground. Through discovery, we were able to show that the trailer was improperly loaded and unsafe for use on the roadway. Our client suffered a bimalleolar ankle fracture, requiring two surgeries and many rehabilitation sessions. Despite the fact that this matter was litigated in one of the most conservative venues in the State of Georgia, State Farm Insurance Company elected to settle the case a few days before trial.
J.W. $275,000
Commercial vehicle collision at the airport, which resulted in an aggravation of a prior back injury suffered by our client
The aggravation of the prior injury caused the need for our client to have spine surgery.
J.P. $270,000
Premises liability
Our elderly client fell off of a porch at an apartment complex in Cobb County, Georgia. The porch was poorly designed and not built up to Code. Our client required a hip surgery and extended rehabilitation as a result of her fall.
D.B. $262,000
Car wreck, concussion and facial laceration
Jury verdict for a man who suffered a concussion, post-concussion syndrome, and a facial laceration after a rear-end collision on Interstate 285 in Dekalb County, Georgia. The verdict was more than three times the amount offered by the insurance company, State Farm.
S.J. $250,000
Car wreck, concussion and torn meniscus
Our law firm was privileged to represent the sister of a former client, after her vehicle was struck by a driver of a construction company’s pickup truck in Augusta, Georgia. Our client suffered a concussion and torn meniscus, requiring surgery, as a result of the collision.
We were able to help our client find appropriate medical care, including doctors who delayed collecting on her bills until the end of the case. The claims were resolved without litigation.
T.L. $245,000
Premises Liability / Dangerous Condition case
Our client suffered fractures to her left ankle and right foot after falling off of a dimly light curb outside of a restaurant. Both of her injuries required open reduction, internal fixation surgeries and extended physical therapy. Through aggressive discovery, we were able to prove that the shopping center owners were previously told of parking lot lighting issues and previously warned of the dangers around the area where our client fell. Yet, the shopping center owners did nothing to protect customers. The case was litigated until days before trial.
M.B. $235,000
DUI wreck, wrist surgery
We represented a high school age girl whose vehicle was struck by a drunk driver in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia. As a result, she underwent wrist surgery and prolonged physical therapy. The drunk driver’s insurance company, GEICO, offered $70,000 to resolve the case before litigation. After our law firm filed suit and deposed the Defendant DUI driver, GEICO tendered the entire insurance policy limit of $235,000.
S.E. $225,000
Slip and Fall / Dangerous Staircase
We represented an ICU nurse who slipped and fell down a staircase at the apartment complex where she had lived for 10 years. Our client suffered a significant leg fracture, requiring surgery. We retained a well-qualified premises expert who discovered a number of code violations with the staircase, including the absence of required handrails. In addition, our investigation revealed that the apartment complex pressure washed the staircase in order to remove dirt and debris (which caused the staircase to be slick) within a few days of our client’s fall.
K.H. $225,000
Car wreck, cubital tunnel syndrome / ulnar nerve injury
Jury verdict for a young man who suffered ulnar nerve compression (cubital tunnel syndrome) and had a related surgery after a car wreck in Roswell, Fulton County, Georgia. The verdict was more than double the amount offered by the insurance company, Allstate.
J.W. $215,000
Tractor-Trailer Wreck
Our client, a middle school teacher, was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on I-75 in Fort Valley, Georgia. The tractor-trailer driver was cited by the responding officer for following too closely; however, during litigation, the trucking company blamed our client for allegedly swerving in front of the truck driver. Our client injured her back during the collision, requiring physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, and, ultimately, laminectomy / discectomy procedure. Through in-depth investigation, we were able to prove that the truck driver failed to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements regarding post-collision alcohol testing. We were also able to show that the trucking company failed to comply with its own post-collision investigation process. After offering no money prior to the filing of a lawsuit, the trucking company paid a substantial settlement at mediation. We were able to secure a favorable result for the client, despite substantial pre-existing back conditions, by proving the increase in back pain and decrease in mobility which occurred after the wreck.
N. Family $208,500
Family of five hit by a drunk driver, with three people suffering physical injuries
Our clients’ total medical expenses were approximately $15,000 after this collision. We were able to secure a settlement of approximately fourteen times that amount by proving the egregious conduct of the drunk driver and locating key eyewitnesses.
R.T. $200,000
Car wreck, hip injury
We were privileged to represent the friend of a former client after he was in a car accident on the way to school in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The young man suffered a hip injury, and underwent a related surgery, causing him to miss his final two years of high school baseball. Liability was initially denied by the at fault driver, but after cross examination during her deposition she finally admitted fault.
B.H. Insurance Policy Limits
Auto accident, hernia surgeries
We secured a policy limit settlement for a client who underwent multiple hernia surgeries after an automobile accident.
C.C. Insurance Policy Limits
Auto/pedestrian accident, broken leg / surgery
We secured a policy limit settlement for a pedestrian who was struck by a car and underwent surgery for broken leg.
L.P. Insurance Policy Limits
Motorcycle collision
Our client was thrown from the back of a motorcycle after a pick-up truck pulled in front of the motorcycle in Brunswick, Georgia. Our client suffered a closed head injury, scalp lacerations, trauma to her mouth, and continuing headaches.
L.B. Confidential Settlement
Collision with Sheriff’s Vehicle
Our client, a Marine, was driving his work van on Highway 41 in Marietta. A Cobb County Sheriff apparently had an acute / emergent health event while driving his police vehicle, causing him to lose consciousness and cross the center line of the roadway. This action caused a significant collision, totaling both vehicles, and generating substantial media attention. Our client suffered neck, back, and shoulder injuries. Ultimately, he underwent a diagnostic surgery on his shoulder and a partial labral tear was discovered. After offering no settlement before a lawsuit was filed, the County elected to resolve the case just before trial.
B.G. Insurance Policy Limits
Client with fractured C-spine/neck after automobile wreck outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee
Our client was returning home to Atlanta after a weekend in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was a passenger in a vehicle being driven too fast for conditions. The at-fault driver caused his car to hydroplane and strike an embankment off of the highway. We were able to assist the client in recovering the full policy limits from all available insurance carriers, including from insurance policies of which the client was unaware.
K. S. Insurance Policy Limits
Drunk driving / Car wreck
Our firm represented a high school girl who was seriously injured when a drunk driver struck her car. The child suffered severe leg injuries, requiring surgeries and rehabilitation. Through in-depth discovery, we were able to uncover multiple applicable insurance policies and a substantial Medical Payments policy.
J.K. Insurance Policy Limits
Drunk driving / Fatality
Our law firm represented the family of an aspiring country music singer who was killed by a drunk driver in Henry County, Georgia. The singer was returning home late at night from a concert and was tragically killed when a driver, who was already on parole, crossed a double yellow line and caused a catastrophic wreck. Our law firm was honored to represent this family. We were also honored that a lawyer against whom we had previously litigated a brain injury case, suggested our firm as counsel for the family.
R.B. Insurance Policy Limits ()
Auto/bicycle accident
We represented a middle-aged bicyclist who was catastrophically injured when a car ran a stop sign at the intersection of West Wesley Road and Ridgewood Road in the City of Atlanta. Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury, multiple orthopedic injuries, underwent numerous surgeries, and then rehabilitated at the Shepherd Spinal Center.
N.H. Insurance Policy Limits
Infant who suffered head injury during automobile collision
We represented this minor child and his brother in connection with a very severe automobile collision that was caused by a college student who ran a stop sign. The child was very seriously injured, but made a remarkable recovery. Through the use of a structured settlement, we secured enough money to pay for his college education while leaving sufficient money for any future health issue that might arise.
T.M. Insurance Policy Limits
Automobile collision resulting in the death of an 18 year old
This tragic case received substantial media coverage. Our client was driving two of his friends to school when another driver pulled his vehicle out into the roadway causing a catastrophic collision.
J.P. Insurance Policy Limits
Client who was in a head-on collision, requiring ankle surgery and resulting in permanent ankle pain
After we filed suit, both applicable insurance policies were tendered in order to avoid litigation and trial.
E.H. Insurance Policy Limits
Drunk driving / Car wreck
Our client, a minor, suffered a skull fracture and permanent loss of hearing in his right ear as a result of a wreck caused by his friend’s intoxicated driving. Our client was as a passenger in the car being driven by the drunk, underage driver.
J.W. Insurance Policy Limits
Pedestrian vs. Car / Wrongful Death
Our firm represented the surviving family of a Chinese citizen who was visiting his son in Atlanta. The man was struck and killed by a pickup truck in Dekalb County, Georgia. The responding police officer placed the blamed on our client’s decedent, finding that he had crossed the road at an improper place. Nevertheless, we tracked down the key eyewitness to the fatal wreck. This witness confirmed that the driver of the truck was speeding and, but for the speed, could have avoided the collision. Allstate, who insured the driver of the truck, initially denied liability on the claim. After receiving our demand package, Allstate reversed course and tendered the policy limits.
G.W. Insurance Policy Limits
Broken Shoulder requiring surgery, Rollover Collision
We were honored that another Atlanta personal injury law firm referred this client to us. Our client was in a T-bone, rollover collision in Cherokee County as a result of a teenage driver running a red light. As a result of the wreck, our client suffered a broken clavicle which required surgery. We were able to secure the entire insurance policy limits for the client without having to file a lawsuit.
L.A. Confidential Settlement
Pedestrian / Auto Collision
We represented an Atlanta attorney who was hit by a car in Chicago, Illinois. Our client sustained multiple injuries to his knee, requiring surgery, and suffered post-concussion syndrome. Our law firm was honored that a local attorney selected us as his top choice for legal representation for a serious injury case.
S.W. Insurance Policy Limits
Car wreck / Spleen Injury
Our firm represented a man from Paulding County, Georgia who was seriously injured when a young driver abruptly turned in front of his car. Our client suffered a significant spleen injury, requiring surgery.
C.B. Insurance Policy Limits
Dog Attack
Our firm represented a young boy who was brutally attacked by a dog in Banks County, Georgia. The injuries to the child’s face required surgery. Through investigation of the at-fault homeowner, we were able to locate witnesses who confirmed that the dog at issue was dangerous, known to be aggressive, and had attacked other children before mauling our client.
C.V. Confidential Settlement
Daycare facility negligence
Our client, a 10 month old infant, was burned on his hands and feet when daycare workers let him crawl around a scalding sidewalk. The child’s medical bills were approximately $100.00 and he suffered no residual scarring; however, we were able to secure a sizeable settlement as a result of our investigation of the facility, which revealed other incidents where children were injured at the daycare due to the employees’ negligence.
M.B. Confidential Settlement
Gas Station / Robbery & Shooting
We represented a local business owner who was robbed and shot at a gas station in Dekalb County in the early morning hours. Though our client sustained severe injuries to his head and arm, he made a remarkable recovery. After we filed a lawsuit, investigated the area surrounding the convenience store, and took depositions of gas station management, the insurance company elected to settle the case rather than proceed to trial.
N.C. Confidential Settlement
Dog attack / Facial Scarring
Our firm represented a five-year-old Georgia boy who was mauled by a large bullmastiff dog while his family was vacationing in Maine. The child suffered severe facial wounds, resulting in the need for surgery. Through investigation, we were able to show that this dog had attacked numerous people previously. We secured sworn statements and other documents proving that this dog should not have been allowed around anyone, particularly small children. The result our law firm secured is believed to be one of the largest dog attack settlements in the history of Maine.
R.V. Confidential Settlement
Premises Liability / Psychiatric Facility Assault
Our client, a child, was an in-patient at a psychiatric facility in middle Georgia. While showering, he was assaulted by two other residents of the facility. Our client suffered a broken jaw, requiring surgery, as a result of the attack. Through aggressive discovery we were able to show that the facility was non-compliant with its own rules and regulations pertaining to supervision of the residents.
B.H. Confidential Settlement
Escalator Malfunction
Our client, a college student, was injured when an escalator at a MARTA station failed and collapsed backward. Numerous people were injured during this unfortunate event, resulting in widespread media coverage about the dangers of poor maintenance on escalators in the Atlanta area.
T.F. Confidential Settlement
Premises Security / Shooting
Our firm represented a young woman who was shot near her place of work. As a condition of settlement, the Defendant insisted that the remainder of the facts behind this tragic shooting remain confidential.
E.G. Confidential Settlement
Slip and Fall / Knee Fracture and Surgery
Our client, a middle-aged woman from Atlanta, stopped into a retail store to purchase a few items. Soon after entering the store, she slipped and fell on liquid, resulting in a fractured knee which required surgery with hardware. Liability was denied and we filed a lawsuit. We brought claims against a janitorial company and the store. The case was resolved soon before trial for an amount that the insurance adjuster said they “would never pay.”
S.F. Insurance Policy Limits
A man in a head-on collision, with soft tissue injuries, after at-fault driver went into diabetic coma
The driver of commercial van went into a diabetic coma because he was non-compliant with his insulin regimen. After blacking out, he crossed over the center lane and collided with our client, a pharmacy student. We convinced the insurance company to quickly tender the policy limits.
K.M. Confidential Settlement
Tractor-Trailer collision
Tractor-trailer collision in Fulton County, Georgia resulting in facial scarring to a woman / military veteran.
J.M. Confidential Settlement
Tractor-Trailer collision
Tractor-trailer collision in Fulton County, Georgia resulting in substantial hand and arm scarring to a man / military veteran.
J.O. Confidential Settlement
Nursing Home Fall
Our client, an elderly nursing home resident in Riverdale, Clayton County, Georgia, was dropped from her wheelchair by a nursing assistant, resulting in facial scarring.
A.N. Confidential Settlement
IV Infiltrate / Hand injury to a newborn
We represented the parents of a newborn undergoing IV therapy who suffered a substantial hand injury at a local Atlanta area hospital. We were able to show that the attending nurse failed to comply with the standard of care in monitoring the IV site, which lead to a substantial infiltration injury.
F.L. Confidential Settlement
Medical malpractice, retained surgical gauze
Our client suffered injuries, requiring a repeat surgery, after surgical gauze was negligently left in her abdomen.
E.B. Confidential Settlement
Nursing Home Fall / Fractured Hip
We represented an elderly lady who was dropped by nursing home staff members when they attempted to move her from a wheelchair to her bed. This fall resulted in a fractured hip, a particularly serious injury in an elderly person. The facility employees told different stories about what occurred. Some people claimed that a transfer-assist device known as a “Hoyer Lift” broke, while others reported that our client was to blame for lunging out of her wheelchair. We exposed the “stories” for what they were—attempts to defect blame—and the facility settled the claim without the need for a lawsuit.
R.Y. Confidential Settlement
Assisted Living Facility / Hip Fracture
Our firm represented an elderly lady who suffered a few falls at an assisted living facility in Cumming, Forsyth County, Georgia. The last fall resulted in a traumatically fractured hip, requiring surgery. Through our investigation, we were able to show that the facility’s charting with respect to our client’s falls was inconsistent. In addition, we argued that the facility did not take appropriate steps to safeguard the resident after becoming aware that she was a fall risk. Last, we secured a number of documents from the State of Georgia that showed that the facility at issue had a number of problems with resident oversight and protection.
F.A. Confidential Settlement
Nursing Home / Wrongful Death
We represented a World War II veteran who was sent to a nursing home in Cobb County, Georgia because he was a fall-risk. The nurses left the resident unattended twice in the same day resulting in two falls and two head strikes. The falls resulted in a massive brain bleed and, ultimately, caused the death of the resident. Through discovery, we were able to show that, despite the fact that the man was a known fall-risk, the nurses left him totally alone in a wheelchair and repeated the same mistake, even after he had fallen at the facility.
I.D. Confidential Settlement
Nursing Home / Wrongful Death
Our firm represented the family of a man who was sent for short-term rehabilitation to a nursing home in Cobb County. There, the attending nursing home doctors failed to properly supervise and manage the patient’s Coumadin regimen, causing massive internal bleeding and, ultimately, death.
C.B. Confidential Settlement
Retained gauze after surgery
Our client, a former nurse, had two pieces of gauze left in her chest after cardiac surgery and wound care at a local hospital. The retained gauze caused a massive infection, resulting in numerous other surgical procedures and significant scarring.
F.B. Confidential Settlement
Medical Malpractice / Pain medication overdose death
Our client, a chronic pain patient, was victimized by a local physician who had been sanctioned by the Composite State Medical Board. The physician provided pain pills to desperate patients who were in chronic pain, yet he failed to follow the standard of care regarding monitoring, dosing, and supervision of medication use. Our client died of multiple drug toxicity. A lawsuit was brought by her husband and children in order to ensure that some good might come from her untimely death and to ensure that this physician stopped preying on pain clinic patients.
F.E. Confidential Settlement
Assisted Living Facility / Wrongful Death
Our clients were the surviving children of a lady in her late 80’s who lived in an Assisted Living Facility. She became unsuitable for this sort of residential facility, with limited staffing and oversight. Unfortunately, she developed a pressure sore, which became infected, and resulted in her death. The defendants made no offer to resolve the case before a lawsuit was filed. After years of litigation, both defendants paid to resolve the case before trial.
Initials withheld per Defendant Request
Confidential Settlement (Post Elective Surgery / Wrongful Death)
Our clients were the surviving children and husband of a woman who presented to a local hospital for an elective knee surgery. She died within hours of the completion of the surgery. We presented expert testimony to prove that the patient was not appropriately monitored in the post-operative period, considering her various health conditions.
D.B. Confidential Settlement
Assisted Living Facility / Wrongful Death
We represented the family of a woman who had recently moved into an Assisted Living Home in the metropolitan Atlanta area. The facility charged substantial monthly fees, which included housing, food, and supervision. Within three weeks of admission to the facility, the resident contracted pneumonia, which was not timely noticed or addressed by the staff. Unfortunately, the resident became septic before anyone secured medical attention for her. Therefore, after a prolonged battle, the woman died. We filed a lawsuit after the facility and their insurance company refused to make a settlement offer to the family. After taking the depositions of only two facility staff members, the insurance company for the home paid to resolve the case and avoid a trial.
R.S. $95,000
Car Collision / Torn Meniscus
Our client suffered a torn meniscus in her right knee as a result of a car accident. Her injury required surgical intervention. The defendant driver was inappropriately using a cell phone and negligently pulled in front of our client’s vehicle. While our client’s medical bills were less than $20,000, we were able to recover a substantial sum by proving the defendant’s cell phone use and documenting our client’s lost wages.
A.M. $90,000
Child in an auto accident with broken shoulder requiring surgery
Our client, an elementary school girl, was a passenger in a roll-over collision. She required surgery on her shoulder as a result of injuries suffered. Fortunately, she made a wonderful recovery. However, we were able to secure the child enough money to pay for her college education and provide for any future medical expenses that might arise.
C.J. $90,000
Client injured by a five gallon, glass water bottle that we alleged was improper for home/office use
Our client underwent two hand surgeries as a result of injuries suffered when a glass water bottle delivered to her office exploded in her hands. The client recovered, but missed a great deal of time from her job as a yoga instructor.
A.M. $90,000
Assault at apartment complex
Our client was assaulted at her apartment complex, which had no prior criminal history. However, we were able to show that then-existing security measures were insufficient.
A.C. $87,000
Child Burn Injury
Our client, a 3 year old girl from Dekalb County, suffered a serious facial burn at a kiosk at Perimeter Mall. The kiosk employee offered to demonstrate a curling iron on the child and, unfortunately, did not handle it appropriately. Prior to a lawsuit being filed, the defendants offered very little money to resolve the case. The defendants increased their offer by almost three hundred percent just prior to our law firm deposing representatives of the at-fault company. We were able to show that the pay and bonus structure of the kiosk company encouraged their employees to “push” sales of the product, even on young children.
S.D. $80,000
Medical malpractice, retained surgical sponge
Our client suffered a punctured lung during removal of a surgical sponge that was negligently left during abdominal surgery.
E.C. $65,000
Auto collision involving fatality of the at-fault driver
Our client and her family were returning to Atlanta, GA from Destin, FL. While driving outside Montgomery, AL, another motorist crossed over into the opposite lanes of traffic, causing a catastrophic collision. The at-fault driver died at the scene and our investigation revealed that she did not have any automobile insurance. Our client, a young child, only suffered abdominal bruising after being trapped in the car. However, we were able to show the insurance company examples of the child’s mental anguish, primarily the fear of traveling in cars, after her involvement in this fatality collision. While the at-fault driver did not have any insurance, we were able to identify a number of underinsured/uninsured motorist policies our client’s parents held with State Farm.
T.S. $65,000
Torn rotator cuff after fall from hotel van
Our client was thrown from a hotel van after the driver negligently accelerated the vehicle while she was attempting to board the van. Through investigation, we found other passengers on the van who testified that the van driver was acting in a reckless manner.
D.H. $60,000
Infant who suffered eye injury during automobile collision
We represented this minor child and his brother in connection with a very severe automobile collision, discussed above. The boy, like his brother, was seriously injured, but made a remarkable recovery. Through the use of a structured settlement, we secured enough money to pay for his college education while leaving sufficient money for any future health issue that might arise.
C.H. $60,000
Auto collision with commercial van
Our client had soft tissue injuries after a collision caused by a commercial van. Our client had pre-existing neck injuries and chiropractic treatment. However, through discovery we were able to show that the defendant van company placed a defective vehicle on the road, possibly resulting in punitive damage liability.
A.G. $58,625
Tractor-Trailer collision
Our client’s vehicle was rear-ended by a commercial driver employed by FedEx and driving a tractor-trailer in the Atlanta area. Our client suffered an exacerbation of a prior knee injury, requiring a diagnostic surgery.
A.S. $55,000
Car Accident / Spinal Compression Fracture
We represented a lady who suffered a compression fracture of her spine as a result of a high speed collision in Bartow County, Georgia. While our client did not require surgery to heal her fracture, she did undergo physical therapy and presented for numerous physicians’ visits. Allstate Insurance Company nearly doubled their pre-suit offer after we placed the case into litigation and, through investigation, were able to prove that the at-fault driver was a convicted felon.
J.B. $50,000
Tractor-Trailer collision
Our client’s vehicle was in a T-bone type collision, caused when a commercial driver pulled his truck in front of her car in Coweta County, Georgia. Our client suffered shoulder strain, requiring steroid injections from an orthopedic surgeon.
E.J. $50,000
Pro bono case
$50,000 recovered for our client, an infant, who was burned on the arm by scalding water at his day care. He suffered no permanent injury.
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