Andrew E. Goldner Heart of Gold Scholarship

Andrew E. Goldner is proud to announce the Heart of Gold Scholarship, worth $500. This scholarship is designated for those who work with children in a professional or volunteer capacity, and plan to further their education in a child-related field.

Though it’s a common cliche, the saying is true: Children really are the future. Now more than ever, we invest so much of our time and energy, both professionally and personally, to ensure children receive the best education, care and instruction possible. Yet, it’s also true that working with children on a daily basis can be a tiring and often thankless endeavor.

At the Law Offices and Andrew E. Goldner, we know that working with young people isn’t for everyone. We also know that those who dedicate their lives to working with children have a heart of gold. We have created this scholarship to help those who have a passion for bettering our youth continue their education to serve children — and our society as a whole — in a greater capacity.

Value: $500

Deadline: December 1


In order to qualify for the Andrew E. Goldner Heart of Gold Scholarship, you must:

  • Have worked with children in a professional or volunteer capacity
  • Plan on furthering your education in a child-related field, such as pre-K or K-12 education, pediatric CME/ACCME, child psychology, social work, etc.

You must also:

  • Have a 3.2 GPA
  • Be accepted into an accredited college or university
  • Submit a copy of your transcript, complete our online application and submit an essay on one of the topics below

Essay Topics

Please complete a 500- to 1,000-word essay on ONE of the following topics:

  • What drives your passion for working with children? How will furthering your education help you utilize that passion more effectively?
  • What unique challenges have you faced when working in a child-related field?
  • In what ways do you believe the written and unwritten rules and regulations in your chosen field could be improved to better serve children?

Terms and Conditions

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2Step 2
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