In Atlanta, an impaired driver is one who has ingested or otherwise taken any substance that hinders their ability to drive. There are any number of substances a person could be under the influence of that impair their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.


A person may be under the influence of illegal narcotics, alcohol, over-the-counter medications or prescription medications. In any of these instances, a person’s reaction time and decision-making skills may be impacted.


For example, a person has a head cold may wake up and take over-the-counter cough medicine. That medicine may make the person drowsy, but they have to get to work. On the way, they make a risky driving maneuver and are pulled over. That person could be considered impaired by the officer.


Many people believe that it is only people under the influence of alcohol or illegal narcotics that are considered to be impaired drivers by law enforcement officers. This is not the case. It is illegal for a person to drive under the influence of any substance that inhibits their ability to drive responsibly and safely.

When an impaired driver causes a vehicle collision that results in injury or property damage, they may be held legally liable for compensating the victims. If you have been injured in an auto accident in Atlanta and the other driver was impaired, reach out to an experienced car accident attorney for assistance. An attorney can help you fight the insurance companies and, if necessary, file a lawsuit in civil court.

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