When a person owns a piece of property, whether it is a house, apartment building or business, they have a responsibility to provide reasonable security measures. When a property owner fails to provide this level of security and a visitor or member of the public is a victim of crime on that property, there is said to have been negligent security.


A crime victim who sustains injury may be able to bring a negligent security lawsuit against a property owner. Both residential and commercial property owners have been successfully sued on the basis of negligent security. If you have been victimized on anyone’s property and sustained injuries, a personal injury lawsuit based upon negligent security is a viable option. A victim may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, time off work and more.


It is important for anyone who has been injured during the commission of a crime consult with an experienced attorney. What counts as adequate security can vary from case to case. In some instances, adequate lighting is sufficient. In other cases, the presence of trained security guards is necessary. An attorney can help determine whether or not the crime and injury was foreseeable and evaluate how certain security measures would have prevented the crime.

When a person is injured due to a lack of security in Atlanta, a personal injury attorney will be able to assist that person in determining what type of lawsuit they should file and what types of compensation they are entitled to.

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