Traumatic brain injuries are caused during some sort of acute accident that damages the brain or head. Injury to this part of the body is different than other forms of injuries, not only because we still have much to discover medically when it comes to the inner workings of the brain but also because damage to the brain can have lasting implications on who we are as people.

When a person injures their arm and breaks the bone, a doctor can put that bone in a cast and it will heal, perhaps not the same as before, but the arm still functions as an arm. When a brain is injured, it can change how the person behaves, how they think, and how they function.

Since most brain injuries are caused by an accident, there are always the legal questions of who is responsible for the injury and did negligence occur. The effects of brain injury are complex, which makes damages and settlement amounts complex as well.

An Atlanta brain injury attorney can provide more information about your legal rights after an injury.

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