When a person is injured on a property in Atlanta due at least in part to poor security, they may file a personal injury lawsuit. While anyone has the right to file a civil lawsuit, not all cases are successful.


In order to be awarded damages in a negligent security case, a victim must be able to prove:


  • The owner of the property had a duty to provide security;
  • The owner of the property did not provide that security;
  • An injury was caused due to the lack of security; and
  • The victim suffered damages as a result of their injuries.


Every element must be met for a victim to be successful in court. For example:


A person owns a duplex and rents both sides to the public. The owner is aware that the outdoor security light is blown out but does not replace the lightbulb. The tenant of one of the units is attacked on a dark porch and suffers injury. The owner of the duplex could be held legally liable to reimburse the plaintiff for medical bills and more.


A negligent security case is most often the result of a wrongful death, robbery, assault, shooting or other violent crime. However, it is important to note that a negligent security case does not require that a crime have been committed.

Any person who is injured due to what they believe is negligent security in Atlanta should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney for assistance. An attorney can provide information about a victim’s legal rights.

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