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Getting hurt at work can create a dilemma for employees: how bad does the situation have to be before you should look into work injury attorneys? What kinds of injuries call for legal assistance? What are you going to do when the workman’s compensation runs out? Or even worse, what if your employer tries to withhold compensation after your injury?

The average person will likely have a hard time deciding the answers to these questions. Working hard to get better and provide for your family again is enough stress – add to that the process of filing a lawsuit, and the injury becomes the cause for an incredibly stressful period in your life. Consulting with a qualified lawyer can make the choice a lot easier, because experienced attorneys in work injuries will be able to offer valuable advice about your case. Here are the most common types of cases handled by work injury attorneys.

Were You Burned on the Job?

You may be surprised to know that there are many types of burns, which can be caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, or friction. Any type of burn can be life-threatening if it’s bad enough. Your employer should have safeguards in place to prevent workplace burn injuries. If you followed documented steps in completing your job but still got burned, you could have a strong case against your employer or the manufacturer of the equipment that failed you.

Did You Sustain a Head Injury at Work?

Brain trauma could be inflicted by falling objects, vehicle accidents, and a host of other causes. Even a seemingly simple trip-and-fall could ultimately lead to a brain injury. If workplace safeguards failed and resulted in your head injury, you need to consult with a work injury attorney to improve your chances of securing compensation for your hospital bills and suffering.

Break a Bone on the Job?

Working with heavy machinery, construction sites, and vehicle wrecks are all common situations when bones can be broken during the course of a workday. If a person, procedure, or piece of equipment failed to protect you from injury, a workplace injury lawyer can advise you on the best course of legal action.

Injure Your Back at Work?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints among Americans. If your job involves heavy lifting, you are at a higher than normal risk for back injury. Even when you strictly follow best practices for safe lifting techniques, a back injury can occur with repeated motions and heavy objects.

Getting hurt at work not only causes you pain and suffering, but you may find yourself running out of workman’s compensation before you are fully healed. Lost wages and mounting hospital bills add undue stress to your life during a very difficult time. A work injury attorney can help you decide the best way to obtain the compensation you deserve. Find out what you need to know about work injury attorneys by calling the Law Offices of Andrew Goldner at 404.869.1580.

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