Getting into a wreck with a big rig almost always calls for a truck accident attorney, especially if the accident was the truck driver’s fault. There could be a wide range of problems that led up to the accident, and a number of them could secure you restitution for the loss of your vehicle and physical health.

If your hospital bills are stacking up, here are three clues that you need a truck accident attorney to help you get your life back on track.

1: Is there reason to believe that the truck driver was driving while impaired?

Whether drugs, alcohol, or fatigue was the cause of the impairment, truck drivers know better. While abstaining from drinking and drugs behind the wheel should be common knowledge, there are plenty of truckers who rely on caffeine, “uppers,” and other substances to stay awake during long hauls. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets forth strict rules about how many hours truck drivers can spend behind the wheel before taking a break, but it’s difficult to police driving hours until after an accident occurs.

2: Did faulty equipment lead to the accident?

Not all trucking companies or drivers are responsible about staying on top of equipment inspections, repairs, maintenance, and replacements. Accident investigators will be able to pinpoint mechanical or electrical issues that caused the incident. If it’s determined that the issue should have been addressed by a company using reasonable precautions and standard procedures, you could have a strong case on your hands.

3: Was it simple carelessness that caused the accident?

Even fully licensed, trained, rested, sober, and experienced drivers can make bad choices. Maybe they are in a hurry to meet a deadline, or they are trying to beat rush hour traffic through a city. Whatever the reason is for their lapse in judgment, it’s no excuse for making decisions behind the wheel that lead to a wreck.

Selecting a truck accident attorney in Georgia to handle your case can be a hard decision. It can also be hard to decide on your own whether you have a good case against the trucker or trucking company. A good lawyer will review your case and advise you as to whether pursuing compensation is worth your time. The best lawyers will offer a free initial consultation before you have to sign anything.

The lawyers at Andrew Goldner’s law offices are experienced in handling a wide range of accident cases. We maintain a strong record of successful outcomes for our clients all over Georgia. If you want to find out whether your truck accident case is worth pursuing in court, we can help.

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