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When you are involved in an accident involving a commercial semi-truck, it is important to understand how personal injury settlements for trucking accidents differ from other automotive injury accidents.
Depending on the unique circumstances of your accident and injury, you may be entitled to seek settlements from the driver as the well as the company they are driving for and the manufacturer of the vehicle being driven.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a commercial semi-truck, you are not alone. Continue reading for the 5 most common personal injury settlements for truck accidents.

#1. Impaired or Negligent Driving: Semi-truck accidents commonly occur because the driver is impaired in some way, or making negligent driving choices. If you were injured because a driver was operating their truck while under the influence or fatigued, or breaking driving laws such as running lights and stop signs, speeding, or following too closely, both the driver and the company they work for will be held responsible for their negligence.

#2. Negligent Business Operation: In some cases, the fault of a semi-truck accident falls mainly on the company employing the driver. The company may have neglected necessary inspections or maintenance resulting in an accident caused by faulty equipment. Additionally, some companies illegally pressure their employees to falsify driving records so they can drive longer times and distances than legally allowed.

#3. Rear-End Accidents: Some of the most frequently occurring accidents include rear-end accidents where the driver failed to stop the vehicle in time because of being distracted or following too closely. Such accidents may result in serious injuries or death of the accident’s victim.

#4. Unexpected Stops: When trucks are stopped or disabled on the roadway they can create uniquely dangerous driving conditions because of their size. Other drivers may collide with the truck because part or all of the truck is in the roadway. In some cases, a driver is severely injured or killed after driving under trailers because the truck has unexpectedly stopped or become jackknifed.

#5. Collision During Left Turn: Because of the weight and size of the truck, a collision occurring during a left turn becomes incredibly dangerous for other drivers in the roadway.

Depending on the unique circumstances of the accident, the driver, the manufacturer, and the employer could all be held responsible for the consequences of your accident. Because of the unique circumstances of a semi-truck accident, it is crucial to choose an experienced personal injury attorney before moving forward with a lawsuit.

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