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Patients and their families who are dealing with the after effects of Atlanta hospital negligence often feel frustrated and confused. They know they deserve some sort of compensation for their suffering, but they don’t know where to even begin the process of seeking recourse. (more…)

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Andy Goldner advises on how to select an attorney

Writing an article about how to pick a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, when you ARE a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, may seem self-serving. It is. I make no apologies for wanting potential clients to review our law firm’s website, read our client testimonials, examine our results, and then call us. However, our firm is certainly not the only good injury law firm in the Atlanta area. So, if you want to call us and interview some other firm, we understand. The key is to be armed with the right questions to ask so that you can differentiate between lawyers who advertise that they handle car, truck, and premises cases and those that actually do. (more…)

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Auto accident lawyers can be extremely beneficial when you’re pursuing a settlement. Putting together a strong case is a long and complicated process. A great attorney is backed up by an experienced staff. Together, they will gather all the materials necessary to build your claim against the responsible party. Hiring experts for this task is far easier than fumbling through it yourself. (more…)

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Hiring personal injuries attorneys is no time for trial and error. You and your family are likely stressed out due to an injury in the household. Money is tight. Time is even more precious. You don’t have the resources to meet your injured spouse’s new list of needs, take care of the kids, keep working every day, and interview a bunch of potential attorneys. (more…)

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When you find yourself searching for a work injury attorney, you’re already stressed out. You’ve been hurt at work, and it was bad enough that you had to miss some work days. Now you’re staring down a pile of medical bills that you don’t know how in the world you will pay. You’re trying to figure out how to get those bills paid, get back on your feet, and keep your job. (more…)

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Thousands of people die every year in motorcycle crashes, and many thousands more are injured and need a motorcycle accident attorney’s help. Motorcyclists face a high probability of injury or death in an accident, compared to car drivers. (more…)

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Nobody wants to find themselves searching for a head injury attorney. However, when disaster strikes, you will want an experienced lawyer on your family’s side. Personal injury attorneys may or may not have handled a case like yours before. It’s important to ask specific questions to make sure you hire a lawyer who knows brain trauma cases inside and out.

As you start your search for a qualified lawyer, you will find your mind racing in a thousand different directions. (more…)

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Slip and fall lawyers sometimes get a bad rap. But someday when you find yourself the victim of someone else’s negligence, you will be glad to have one of these attorneys on your side. Proving your accident case without their experience can be hard. You likely don’t know where to even begin the process of filing your case. An experienced attorney can make this step effortless. (more…)

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Dog bite cases can be tricky, and consulting with a personal injury law firm is an excellent idea in the event of a bite. There are many circumstances of the incident that have to be examined. Witness statements must be taken. The animal’s owner has to be contacted. Medical documentation has to be gathered. And each state treats dog bite cases a little bit differently. (more…)

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Building a malpractice case is complicated, and doing it right requires the help of a medical injury attorney. But many people feel uncertain whether they have a substantial malpractice case on their hands. A misdiagnosis or bad outcome does not always mean malpractice has occurred. (more…)

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