Nobody wants to find themselves searching for a head injury attorney. However, when disaster strikes, you will want an experienced lawyer on your family’s side. Personal injury attorneys may or may not have handled a case like yours before. It’s important to ask specific questions to make sure you hire a lawyer who knows brain trauma cases inside and out.

As you start your search for a qualified lawyer, you will find your mind racing in a thousand different directions. Having a traumatic brain injury occur in your family can throw everyone’s lives into a temporary chaos. Let the Law Offices of Andrew Goldner help you during this difficult time.

To help you in choosing a lawyer, read these three common misconceptions about head injury attorney firms:

Myth #1: Any personal injury attorney can handle your head injury case.

On the surface, this may be true. A personal injury attorney knows how to interview witnesses and collect medical records. But an experienced head injury attorney knows that there are often complicating factors surrounding brain trauma. He or she will know how to communicate with physicians and psychiatrists. Any old personal injury attorney will not know that special tests may be necessary to nail down your family member’s condition or diagnosis.

Myth #2: A simple slip and fall accident won’t cause a head injury.

In fact, a tumble on an icy sidewalk or loose stairs can cause a concussion, contusion, or worse. The lawyers at Andrew Goldner have handled many head injury cases that had nothing to do with cars, motorcycles, or heavy machinery.

Myth #3: If you never lose consciousness after an accident, then you don’t have a traumatic brain injury.

Medical professionals agree that each patient reacts to a head injury differently. Not everyone with a major head injury loses consciousness. So if you didn’t pass out after hitting your head, don’t brush it off like it’s no big deal. Get your brain checked for contusions and bleeding right away!

Andrew Goldner Can Help You Through Your Head Injury Case

Although our headquarters are located in Atlanta, the Law Offices of Andrew Goldner have helped scores of clients from all over Georgia. Our practice includes highly qualified head injury attorneys. Our team’s extensive experience and attention to detail mean that Andrew Goldner clients can rely on us to work hard in an effort to get them the compensation they deserve.

Call a Top Head Injury Attorney in Georgia Today

Our experienced lawyers are ready to help you get your head injury case started. Each of our new clients is entitled to a complimentary consultation. This initial meeting is to review the facts of your case and make sure we are a good fit for each other. Call 404.869.1580 to request a complimentary consultation with the Law Offices of Andrew Goldner; get the info you need about hiring a head injury attorney today.

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