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Thousands of people die every year in motorcycle crashes, and many thousands more are injured and need a motorcycle accident attorney’s help. Motorcyclists face a high probability of injury or death in an accident, compared to car drivers. An incredible number of car drivers who cause motorcycle crashes say they never even saw the motorcycle. This lack of motorcycle awareness is common across the country.

If you are struggling to get your life back on track after a motorcycle accident, you may deserve compensation. Those checks from the insurance company could make it much easier for you to pay medical bills and provide for your family. Why worry about things like that during your recovery if you don’t have to?

Check out these three signs that you need to hire a motorcycle accident attorney:

  1. Your crash was caused by another driver’s mistake or carelessness. If someone else made you crash your motorcycle which resulted in your injuries, you are entitled to compensation. The other driver’s car insurance company should be expected to cover your medical bills and the cost of replacing your bike.
  2. Your injuries are extensive and expensive. Seeking compensation for your pain and suffering is a separate issue that goes beyond your medical bills. But if you are stuck in bed for weeks, subjected to multiple surgeries, or expect to never fully recover, it’s worth seeking additional money for your suffering.
  3. Your crash was caused by damaged roads, missing signage, or malfunctioning traffic lights. In this case, you will seek compensation from the city in which your accident occurred rather than a driver. If you can uncover a history of crashes due to the same poor conditions, you may increase your chances of a successful case for you and the other accident victims.

Finding a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Georgia

Georgia’s motorcycle enthusiasts deserve to ride our roads with confidence in their safety. Despite a national push for increased motorcycle awareness, the accidents continue. Careless lane changes and turning left in front of motorcycles continue to cause scores of accidents year after year. Riders who are accident victims in the state of Georgia deserve legal representation they can afford and trust.

The Law Offices of Andrew Goldner employs personal injury lawyers with combined decades of experience with motorcycle crashes. We have served accident victims for over 12 years with millions of dollars in compensation delivered to our clients. Plus, we count many motorcyclists amongst our staff and families. We hold a high level of true compassion for our motorcycle collision clients.

Now is the time to discover what you need to know about finding a motorcycle accident attorney by calling the Law Offices of Andrew Goldner at 404.869.1580.

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