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If you have been in a bike accident, you might not be sure your injuries are bad enough to hire a motorcycle injury attorney. Are a few bruises and some road rash enough to make you call a lawyer? Making that call is a complicated decision. It seems so much easier just to do your best to forget about it and move on with your life. So exactly how severe do injuries need to be to hire a motorcycle attorney?

There is No Minimum Harm for Calling a Motorcycle Injury Attorney

The first thing to know is that, legally, there is no minimum amount of harm required for calling an attorney. Plus, there is a broad range of potential injuries after a motorcycle crash that don’t surface right away. Only a doctor experienced with this kind of accident knows the best ways to identify the telltale signs of these emerging injuries before they become obvious.

Did Your Wreck Cause Pain, Suffering, and Lost Wages?

No matter how much or how little pain and suffering you have endured, you deserve to be compensated for it. Most people tend to understate how much pain they’re in, or how extensively the injuries impact their normal lives. If you’re honest, there’s a good chance that this accident has had a deeper effect on your life than you realize.

For example, how many days of work did you miss in the aftermath of the accident? Just because you have sick days or short-term disability insurance to cover those days, doesn’t mean that the person at fault for the accident shouldn’t be held responsible for your lost wages.

How Did Your Bike Fare in Your Wreck?

Even if your body wasn’t totaled in the crash, your motorcycle could have been. Even if it was just damaged, who should pay for the parts and repairs to get it back to roadworthy – you, or the sedan driver that pulled out in front of you? If you’re the victim in this incident, don’t give in to the temptation to simply pay all those bills and forget the whole thing.

How Andrew Goldner Can Help with Your Motorcycle Injury Case

The team at Andrew Goldner is committed to helping our clients get back to their lives as quickly as possible. We have experience working on behalf of insurance companies, which provides us with an insider’s understanding of how they operate. That wisdom puts our motorcycle injury clients at a definite advantage.

Hiring a motorcycle injury attorney in Georgia? Your search for top-notch legal representation ends here. Let the law offices of Andrew Goldner help you through the process of gathering data, filing a claim, and seeing the case through to a satisfactory settlement.

Click to find out more about finding a motorcycle injury attorney by contacting the Law Offices of Andrew Goldner online.

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