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It can be confusing trying to figure out whether and when to hire a back injury attorney. In the days and weeks after a debilitating accident, there’s a lot going through your mind. You’re in pain, you’re having a hard time taking care of yourself and your family, the medical bills start to pile up, and you’re not sure who to turn to for help. Does your injury even warrant a claim? For many injury victims, it’s a time of deep turmoil.

If you haven’t even seen a doctor yet, you might be spending a lot of time weighing your options. How are you going to pay a doctor bill when you can’t get up and get back to work? You could find yourself wondering, “Can I hire a back injury attorney before I even see a doctor?”

Don’t Hire a Back Injury Attorney FIRST When…

People in serious car crashes and other bad accidents often don’t have much choice in this matter. When the ambulance arrives, you receive treatment and the EMTs haul you to the hospital if you’re in bad shape. Done deal. In this case, rest assured that your medical records will be made available to the attorney you end up hiring.

But if there was no ambulance and your life is in danger, or you are in an enormous amount of pain, see a doctor right away. There’s no need to put off medical treatment. When you are in need of care, there is no sense in delaying care to hire an attorney first.

Green Light on Calling a Personal Injury Attorney FIRST When…

If your health is stable and you can seek legal assistance, then it is perfectly acceptable to hire a back injury attorney before visiting a doctor. Keep in mind, though, that some insurance companies will inquire as to why you delayed medical treatment if you were badly injured. That means that no matter what sequence of steps you choose, time is of the essence.

Why Choose Goldner for Your Back Injury Case?

When you are ready to call a back injury attorney to assist with your claim, Andrew Goldner and Associates is here to help. Our attorneys have the experience it takes to handle personal injury cases the right way. We always start new clients with a free consultation to determine whether the client has a good case on their hands and whether we are the right attorneys for the job.

Hiring a back injury attorney is a big decision. Andrew Goldner has been serving Georgia’s citizens for over 12 years. If you are looking for a local firm with experience and integrity, we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Request a complimentary consultation with the Law Offices of Andrew Goldner about hiring a back injury attorney by calling 404.869.1580 today.

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