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Let me make sure that at the very outset of this blog I am very upfront and provide full disclosure….I am a trial lawyer in Georgia who handles serious injury claims. Therefore, I am obviously biased about the characteristics one should look for when hiring a serious injury lawyer in Georgia. Having said that, I can say with a great deal of confidence that there are a number of good, honest serious injury lawyers in the Atlanta area. Finding them, and avoiding the “pretenders”, is the key.

First, don’t call the first person you see on the back of the phone book or on the side of a bus. While this may be obvious, I am always amazed at the number of people with serious injury claims who hire the first person who seems to advertise at the right time and place. If you were going to have a major surgery, I doubt you’d choose the physician who offered a coupon in a Happy Meal, so why choose a lawyer that way? Ask around. Ask friends who are lawyers. The “good” lawyers are generally well-known. Next, explore the lawyer’s website. What sort of person is the lawyer? What sort of results has he or she obtained? How many cases like yours has he or she handled? If you have a serious truck wreck case, you probably don’t want to go to a divorce lawyer. I spend a good part of my week finding lawyer for folks who call me with domestic/family law issues, business law questions, and the like–I don’t practice in those areas of the law and I am always happy to provide referrals for people seeking attorneys and legal help outside of my area of expertise. I handle serious injury claims in Georgia. I know what I’m good at and what is outside of my area.

When you interview the lawyer, ask him about his plan for your case. What sort of witnesses will be interviewed? What sort of documents will be gathered? Will expert physicians be required? Will an accident reconstructionist be needed? If he can’t answer these questions that might be your first clue that the lawyer is not the right one for the job.

Finally, ask the lawyer for prior client references. Ask the lawyer if you can actually speak with some prior clients. If an attorney won’t give you a look at his prior work and prior (hopefully satisfied) clients you may want to reconsider your choice.

Hiring a Georgia injury lawyer is an important decision. Don’t rush the process and make sure to do your due diligence.

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