Motorcycle accident on road at night

A crash occurred on a busy road early on August 24. A car and a motorcycle collided on Clifton Road and Ponce De Leon Avenue in the early morning hours, leaving the motorcyclist with fatal injuries. The driver of the vehicle was taken into custody.

According to reports, a motorcyclist was driving in the area when a silver Porsche slammed into him from behind. The motorcyclist was dragged and pushed through the intersection. Residents of the area say that the intersection has been a problem for a long time. They claim that there has been an average of an accident a week in the area.

One resident spearheaded an effort to have a “No Left Turn” sign installed at the intersection. The sign, according to residents, has made a difference, but has not stopped dangerous driving altogether. More needs to be done at the intersection, including an increased police presence say neighbors. One neighbor said that by the time drivers have dealt with 20 miles of traffic on the highway, they aren’t paying attention when they finally get to a clear stretch of road.

While it is considered a dangerous intersection no matter the time of day, this early morning accident is thought to be related to drunk driving.

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