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Many car accident victims have a hard time deciding whether they should secure a car injury attorney. If you find yourself in that situation, you may be asking yourself if you really need to find a lawyer to help you out. Maybe your car wasn’t completely totaled. (more…)

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Catastrophic injury attorneys handle cases that most people pray they never have to endure. This is the type of lawyer you hope you never meet – but you will be grateful to find a good one in the unfortunate event that you really need them. (more…)

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If a collision-related injury has you searching through Stockbridge auto accident lawyers, you have come to the right place. Finding the right attorney to handle your case can feel overwhelming, especially when you are still recovering (financially and physically) from a serious accident. (more…)

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Many people are surprised when their pursuit of restitution following an accident results in a personal injury settlement offer. The fact is that few of these cases make it to trial – it takes a lot of time and money to go to court, and these are resources an insurance company would rather spend elsewhere. (more…)

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When you’re searching for a Jonesboro car injury attorney, it can be hard to decide which lawyer will be able to do the best job with your case. When you’re recovering from injuries and trying to get your life back on track,the last thing you want to deal with is an inexperienced attorney who doesn’t know what they’re doing. (more…)

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Patients and their families who are dealing with the after effects of Atlanta hospital negligence often feel frustrated and confused. They know they deserve some sort of compensation for their suffering,but they don’t know where to even begin the process of seeking recourse. (more…)

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Slip and falls happen frequently. A person will slip or trip and fall on a wet floor, over a raised curb, or for some other reason.

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If you’re a Volkswagen driver, there’s no doubt you’ve been paying close attention to the news over the last month. Word leaked in September that the carmaker outfitted nearly 11 million diesel

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Atlanta Accidnet Trucking Attorney

When you are involved in an accident involving a commercial semi-truck, it is important to understand how personal injury settlements for trucking accidents differ from other automotive injury accidents.

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Free Consultation. Call 404.869.1580. The Law Office of Andrew E. Goldner, LLC is devoted to serious personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis in Atlanta and all over the state of Georgia. Decatur Car Accident Lawyer – Car Accidents in Georgia remain Top Killer of Children – Dekalb County, Georgia Auto Crash Attorney

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