Building a malpractice case is complicated, and doing it right requires the help of a medical injury attorney. But many people feel uncertain whether they have a substantial malpractice case on their hands. A misdiagnosis or bad outcome does not always mean malpractice has occurred. You may even be experiencing second thoughts about whether you should pursue a claim.

If you have already received an initial offer from the insurance company, the worst thing you can do is accept it without question. And there’s no doubt it can be tempting to cash that check and move on with your life. But malpractice cases are complicated and usually evolve over time. It’s a good idea to call a medical injury attorney for advice when you receive that first offer.

Check out these five times when you may indeed need to hire a medical injury attorney:

  1. A surgeon performs the wrong procedure while you are under anesthesia. You might be surprised by how often people wake up to find that the wrong arm was amputated.
  2. A surgical implement is stitched into your body. Infection, internal bleeding, and intense pain can result from this unfortunate oversight.
  3. A medical provider uses unsanitized tools to provide care, resulting in infection.
  4. Occasionally, a misdiagnosis can become a malpractice case. For example, several patients each year undergo cancer treatment only to learn later they never had cancer in the first place. When the misdiagnosis results in expensive and life-altering events, malpractice is certainly on the table.
  5. Using incorrect or insufficient anesthesia during surgery can have a range of harmful consequences. The patient could have a severe reaction, or even wake up in the middle of the procedure. Either situation is prime territory for a malpractice suit.

What You Need to Know about Georgia Malpractice Cases

Putting together a strong malpractice case takes a lot of time and hard work. The average person simply doesn’t have the time or expertise to do all the research and preparation it takes. What documentation do you need to gather? What’s your deadline for filing a claim? Who do you call for witnesses if you end up going to trial?

There is no substitute for hiring experienced medical malpractice attorneys. It’s the most effective way to get your loved one the compensation he or she deserves.

The Law Offices of Andrew Goldner know medical malpractice cases. We have handled scores of them for our Georgia clients, securing millions of dollars in settlements over the years. Our attorneys have inside knowledge of how insurance companies work. We know what to do and say as we strive to get you the money that should be yours.

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