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Accident injury attorneys know having a loved one harmed in an accident is a stressful event. However, the aftermath of the incident often becomes even harder to handle. Medical care leads to medical bills, and lots of them. Insurance companies always want to pay out as little as possible, which makes your life complicated.

Meanwhile, your family member has to miss work in order to heal. You are likely left with the double burden of maintaining a steady income while also taking care of him or her. The medical bills keep coming in, and you spend an incredible amount of time calling insurance companies. When will they start paying these bills?

When your loved one is harmed in an accident caused by someone else, you deserve fair compensation. A dollar amount can be assigned to the lost wages, medical bills, and other damages resulting from the incident.

Here are a few more ways to know that you need to hire accident injury attorneys to handle your loved one’s case:

Fault for the Accident Is Being Contested

If your loved one was in an accident and has to prove that another driver was at fault, you need an attorney right away. Collecting evidence and creating a compelling argument will be the first step toward securing restitution from the other person’s insurance company. An experienced attorney will have the resources and knowledge to complete this vital step for you the right way.

The Initial Settlement Offer Came In

When the insurance company sends their first offer, it’s tempting to take the cash and move on with your life. Always remember that insurance companies don’t want to give you money. Therefore, their initial settlement offers are always small.

Every year, accident victims lose out on millions of dollars because they take the first offer they get. It’s rarely enough to cover lost wages and long-term medical bills, let alone the other expenses that build up during the healing process. Hiring accident injury attorneys to review your case can quickly boost your compensation.

Your Loved One’s Injuries Are Extensive

The injuries your loved one experiences after an accident could go on for months. Additionally, some injuries could go undetected for a long time after the incident. Realizing the full extent of your medical bills could take years. This is another reason it’s important not to accept the first settlement offer. Experienced accident injury attorneys can review your case and recommend actions that will get you the settlement your family deserves.

Hiring Georgia Accident Injury Attorneys

The attorneys at Andrew Goldner have combined decades of experience handling personal injury claims. Our staff takes the time to answer clients’ questions and create a complete picture of the incident in question. We work tirelessly to get the best possible outcomes for each of our clients.

Request a complimentary consultation with the Law Offices of Andrew Goldner about accident injury attorneys by calling 404.869.1580 today.

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