When the Atlanta Braves first moved to Suntrust Stadium in Cobb County, there was a lot of worry about traffic in the area, as well as rideshare costs and wait times. In the first couple of seasons, traveling to and from the stadium was a relatively easy task.
Now, it seems those initial worries were well-founded. This baseball season, trying to get an Uber or Lyft outside of Suntrust Park has become a nightmare. There are reports of people waiting for hours on end for their ride, and some fans have even walked out into the busy roads surrounding the stadium in order to find their ride.

There are many dangers people face outside of the stadium, and fixing the issues isn’t easy. It all comes down to who owns the property where people are waiting for their rides. Whoever owns the property is ultimately responsible for peoples’ safety while they’re waiting for their ride.
No matter who owns the property, if you are injured while you’re waiting for your ride or while you’re driving around the stadium, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Andrew E. Goldner. Talk to a car accident attorney in Marietta today by calling our office at 404.869.1580 or contacting us online today.

Who Is Responsible for Fans’ Safety?

When these safety issues were brought up to the Atlanta Braves organization, they said they were unaware of the issues. The reason is that most people wait for their rideshare at the pickup area on Windy Ridge Parkway. This area is not on the property of Suntrust Stadium or the nearby associated facility The Battery. Rather, it’s owned by the Cobb County government.

That means the Cobb County Police are in charge of safety at the rideshare pickup area. As such, the Braves don’t have any type of security guards at the pickup area, and the police don’t seem to have much presence there, either. What’s more, neither the police nor the Braves have any control over ridesharing operations.

The Braves organization says they are taking these complaints seriously, now that they are aware of the issues. They stated they will work more closely with Cobb County Police to make ridesharing a safer option. What their solution will be, however, is yet to be seen.

How a Marietta Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You If You’ve Been Injured

Whether you’re injured in a wreck while driving your own car, while you’re in a rideshare or you’re hurt waiting for your ride, you have legal options. Because there is a designated area to wait for your Uber or Lyft, there is a certain degree of expected safety for those waiting. When injuries occur, someone can be held responsible for those injuries.

Depending on what causes the injury, another driver or patron may be held liable. In some cases, the government or Braves organization can be held accountable. Of course, if you are in a car wreck around the stadium, whether you’re driving or are the passenger in a rideshare, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the other driver.

If you have been injured, a car accident attorney in Marietta can help you discover all of your legal options. The experienced lawyers at the Law Offices of Andrew E. Goldner have the knowledge and skills necessary to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us at 404.869.1580 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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