The Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta


Anyone who has driven through Atlanta, whether they live in the City or are just visiting, knows how terrible the traffic can be in our City. Highways are congested at just about all hours of the day, and intersections can be incredibly dangerous.

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys have seen firsthand how dangerous these intersections can. Knowing which intersections are most dangerous can help you plan your routes and take extra precautions if you can’t avoid these areas.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, these are the most dangerous intersections in the Atlanta metro area (note that these recent statistics are from 2015):

1. North Hairston Road at Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain

2. Stone Mountain Highway at East Park Place in Stone Mountain

3. Covington Highway at Panola Road in Lithonia

4. Earnest Barrett Parkways at Cobb Place Boulevard in Kennesaw

5. Peachtree Industrial Boulevard at Jimmy Carter Boulevard in Norcross

6. State Bridge Road at Medlock Bridge Road in Johns Creek

7. Briarcliff Road at North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta

8. Monroe Drive at Piedmont Avenue in Atlanta

9. Cumberland Parkway at Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta

10. Abernathy Road at Roswell Road in Sandy Springs

Where Does Georgia Rank for Car Accidents?

When it comes to car accidents, especially fatal car accidents, Georgia is one of the most dangerous. states. In 2016, Georgia had the fourth most roadway fatalities, at 1,554. There were 15.1 fatalities per 100,000 residents. About 40 percent of those fatalities happened on rural roads, and the deadliest holiday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

There are many reasons why Georgia has so many car accidents. One of the main reasons is that the State is a huge hub for big trucks, which cause a lot of different traffic problems. Another reason is that there are a lot of rural roads in Georgia. That means people driving fast and not paying attention, causing more accidents.

Avoiding Car Accidents in Atlanta

Even though driving through Atlanta can be hectic, there are ways you can avoid car accidents. Drivers in the city may be inconsiderate, but you can still drive safely and defensively to lower your risk of being in a wreck:

  • Stay in the right lane. The left lane should mostly be used for passing, or for driving faster than other drivers. If there are people passing you on the right, you’re driving too slowly. Move over and let faster traffic pass.
  • Pay attention to the road. There are any number of distractions that can take your focus from the road. But even if you’re not distracted, you may be paying enough attention to the road. Pay attention to not only what’s right in front of you, but also in front of the car in front of you.
  • Stay behind dangerous drivers. If you notice a driver swerving or otherwise driving recklessly, don’t try to get around them unless you can get far ahead of them. It’s much better to be able to react to the dangerous driver’s actions, rather than hoping they react properly to yours.

Speak to an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Today

No matter how safe you try to be, there’s always the risk that you’ll be in a wreck. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers are here for you if you get injured in a wreck. Call us today at (404) 869-1580 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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