Handsome pizzaiolo making pizza at kitchen in pizzeria

Imagine owning your own business. You have the pleasure of being your own boss, and you have something, if it is successful, to hand down to your children or other family members. It seems like the American dream.

Until something comes along that puts a serious kink in your plans.

That’s what happened to a local pizzeria owner in June when a car careened into his building. The accident cause damage to a water pipe which, in turn, sent thousands of gallons of water spilling into the restaurant. The pizzeria has been closed since, and the owner has been trying to schedule repairs and generally clean up.

Then, on July 6, the owner of the pizzeria was in the building, surveying damage to his restaurant and waiting for a package to be delivered. All of a sudden there was a loud crash. A car had just plowed into his building for the second time in so many months. It seems either extraordinary or like a run of bad luck. Having one car run into your business isn’t typical, but two?

The second accident only caused slight damage to a wall that was already damaged in the first accident. The owner expects that it will be several months now before everything is repaired and the pizzeria will once again be serving its pies to the public.

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