XI. Should I Give A Statement to The At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company?

No. No. No. Adjusters for the at-fault driver’s insurance company will frequently contact you soon after a Georgia car or truck wreck, regardless of how badly you are injured. Within days, or sometimes hours, of a collision I have seen adjusters call catastrophically injured people and those who have lost a loved one. Often, the adjusters will say that they “are just trying to find out what happened” or they “are just checking on you.” If you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

The business model of insurance companies is to take in premiums as often as they can and pay out claims as infrequently as they can. It is that simple. In that spirit, adjusters often call accident victims and record the conversation. They try to get the injured person to say that they are “ok” or that they “feel fine.” If, a day or two after the wreck, you realize that you are more injured than you thought or you have an X-ray or MRI that demonstrates an injury, the insurance adjuster will try to paint you as dishonest because, after all, you have already said that you were “fine.” This sounds pessimistic. Unfortunately, in over twelve years of experience in serious injury and death matters in Georgia, I have seen this situation time and time again.

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