X. What is a Contingency Fee Contract With An Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer?

Almost all top-notch personal injury lawyers in Atlanta and Georgia work on what is called a “contingency basis.” In plain English, this sort of arrangement means that the lawyer does not get paid unless he secures money (i.e., a settlement or verdict/judgment) for you. Then, if a monetary award is secured, the lawyer gets a percentage of that money. You should not pay a lawyer a retainer or an hourly fee if you are seeking representation for a serious injury or wrongful death matter. There are, of course, exceptions where some sort of retainer may be needed for a very unique case expense. However, in general, you should not write a check to an injury lawyer for any reason. You also should not be quoted an hourly rate. There are many benefits to the client of a contingency fee contract. Among them are: an assurance that the lawyer will fight for a maximum compensation (because the more the lawyer gets for the client, the more the lawyer’s firm makes); no risk in calling or meeting the lawyer for a case update (you are not paying for the lawyer’s time); and, there is no risk for the client if the case is lost (the lawyer simply does not get paid).

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