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Plaintiffs’ attorney Andrew E. Goldner has left Fried Rogers Goldberg to open his own firm. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Goldner, who is 33. “It’s scary, but I’m hoping I’ve made a good enough name to be a success on my own.”

In a premises liability case that settled in October, Goldner won $790,000 for a man shot in the hand after he was robbed at gunpoint at a Shell station on a crime-riddled stretch of Fulton Industrial Boulevard. Goldner‘s client was a mechanic servicing machinery at a nearby bakery, who after three surgeries still has permanent nerve damage to his hand and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Goldner said the recession has not changed the nature of his practice, but has made some insurance companies less eager to pay out. “It’s important to show insurance companies that we’re not willing to take less than our clients’ claims are worth just because of their poor investments and outrageous bonuses to executives,” he said. “We still expect 100 cents on the dollar, and if the insurance company is not willing to pay, then we’re willing to take it to trial.”

Goldner started out working on medical malpractice defense cases before becoming a plaintiffs’ lawyer almost four years ago. He was working with Joseph A. Fried when Fried merged his practice with that of Brian D. “Buck” Rogers and Michael L. Goldberg a year and a half ago to form Fried Rogers Goldberg.

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