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Swimming Pool Injury

Our Atlanta law firm handles personal injury and wrongful death claims related to injuries suffered in and around Georgia swimming pools.

Unfortunately, hotels, motels, exercise clubs, water parks, spas, apartment complexes, private pool/home owners, and manufactures of pumps and drains frequently fail to safeguard adults and children who use pools and spas.

  • Discolored water that conceals pool depth markers – Leading to diving and other activity in pools which may result in head injuries, brain injuries, and broken bones.
  • Lack of depth indicators or water level indicators – The lack of these indicators also may lead to diving and other activity in pools which may result in head injuries, brain injuries, and broken bones.
  • Missing barriers or structurally unsound fencing – Leading to inappropriate and easy access for children.
  • Lack of, or inappropriate, safety equipment – If a pool area is not equipped with appropriate safety equipment, aiding a swimmer in trouble may be very difficult or impossible.
  • Poorly trained or no lifeguard – Many pools are required to have a lifeguard during hours in which it is open for public access. If the on-duty lifeguard is absent or not properly trained, a dangerous situation may be presented for swimmers.
  • Defective pool maintenance equipment (drains, filters, and pumps) – Many people, particularly small children, have been catastrophically injured by poorly designed pool drains, filters, and pumps.
  • Objects in the pool which are dangerous to those diving and swimming – An increasingly common feature in many private pools are under water chairs and stools, usually made out of concrete or another hard substance. Unfortunately, unless these structures are clearly marked, they can be very dangerous to unsuspecting swimmers.

The Georgia Department of Human Resources has set forth various regulations which govern the construction, maintenance, and use of pools open to the public. Other laws governing the construction, maintenance, and use of public swimming pools in Georgia may be found beginning at O.C.G.A. § 31-45-1, also known as “Michelle’s Law”. Counties within Georgia may also adopt their own ordinances which govern the conduct of pool owners.

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