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R.S. $95,000 (Car Collision / Torn Meniscus) 
Our client suffered a torn meniscus in her right knee as a result of a car accident. Her injury required surgical intervention. The defendant driver was inappropriately using a cell phone and negligently pulled in front of our client’s vehicle. While our client’s medical bills were less than $20,000, we were able to recover a substantial sum by proving the defendant’s cell phone use and documenting our client’s lost wages.

A.M. $90,000 (Child in an auto accident with broken shoulder requiring surgery) 
Our client, an elementary school girl, was a passenger in a roll-over collision. She required surgery on her shoulder as a result of injuries suffered. Fortunately, she made a wonderful recovery. However, we were able to secure the child enough money to pay for her college education and provide for any future medical expenses that might arise.

E.C. $65,000 (Auto collision involving fatality of the at-fault driver) 
Our client and her family were returning to Atlanta, GA from Destin, FL. While driving outside Montgomery, AL, another motorist crossed over into the opposite lanes of traffic, causing a catastrophic collision. The at-fault driver died at the scene and our investigation revealed that she did not have any automobile insurance. Our client, a young child, only suffered abdominal bruising after being trapped in the car. However, we were able to show the insurance company examples of the child’s mental anguish, primarily the fear of traveling in cars, after her involvement in this fatality collision. While the at-fault driver did not have any insurance, we were able to identify a number of underinsured/uninsured motorist policies our client’s parents held with State Farm.

T.S. $65,000 (Torn rotator cuff after fall from hotel van) 
Our client was thrown from a hotel van after the driver negligently accelerated the vehicle while she was attempting to board the van. Through investigation, we found other passengers on the van who testified that the van driver was acting in a reckless manner.

D.H. $60,000 (Infant who suffered eye injury during automobile collision) 
We represented this minor child and his brother in connection with a very severe automobile collision, discussed above. The boy, like his brother, was seriously injured, but made a remarkable recovery. Through the use of a structured settlement, we secured enough money to pay for his college education while leaving sufficient money for any future health issue that might arise.

C.H. $60,000 (Auto collision with commercial van) 
Our client had soft tissue injuries after a collision caused by a commercial van. Our client had pre-existing neck injuries and chiropractic treatment. However, through discovery we were able to show that the defendant van company placed a defective vehicle on the road, possibly resulting in punitive damage liability.

A.S. $55,000 (Car Accident / Spinal Compression Fracture) 
We represented a lady who suffered a compression fracture of her spine as a result of a high speed collision in Bartow County, Georgia. While our client did not require surgery to heal her fracture, she did undergo physical therapy and presented for numerous physicians’ visits. Allstate Insurance Company nearly doubled their pre-suit offer after we placed the case into litigation and, through investigation, were able to prove that the at-fault driver was a convicted felon.

B.H. Insurance Policy Limits (Auto accident, hernia surgeries) 
We secured a policy limit settlement for a client who underwent multiple hernia surgeries after an automobile accident.

C.C. Insurance Policy Limits (Auto/pedestrian accident, broken leg / surgery) 
We secured a policy limit settlement for a pedestrian who was struck by a car and underwent surgery for broken leg.

L.P. Insurance Policy Limits (Motorcycle collision) 
Our client was thrown from the back of a motorcycle after a pick-up truck pulled in front of the motorcycle in Brunswick, Georgia. Our client suffered a closed head injury, scalp lacerations, trauma to her mouth, and continuing headaches.

L.B. Confidential Settlement (Collision with Sheriff’s Vehicle) 
Our client, a Marine, was driving his work van on Highway 41 in Marietta. A Cobb County Sheriff apparently had an acute / emergent health event while driving his police vehicle, causing him to lose consciousness and cross the center line of the roadway. This action caused a significant collision, totaling both vehicles, and generating substantial media attention. Our client suffered neck, back, and shoulder injuries. Ultimately, he underwent a diagnostic surgery on his shoulder and a partial labral tear was discovered. After offering no settlement before a lawsuit was filed, the County elected to resolve the case just before trial.


A.G. $58,625 (Tractor-Trailer collision) 
Our client’s vehicle was rear-ended by a commercial driver employed by FedEx and driving a tractor-trailer in the Atlanta area. Our client suffered an exacerbation of a prior knee injury, requiring a diagnostic surgery.

J.B. $50,000 (Tractor-Trailer collision) 
Our client’s vehicle was in a T-bone type collision, caused when a commercial driver pulled his truck in front of her car in Coweta County, Georgia. Our client suffered shoulder strain, requiring steroid injections from an orthopedic surgeon.

S.F. Insurance Policy Limits (A man in a head-on collision, with soft tissue injuries, after at-fault driver went into diabetic coma) 
The driver of commercial van went into a diabetic coma because he was non-compliant with his insulin regimen. After blacking out, he crossed over the center lane and collided with our client, a pharmacy student. We convinced the insurance company to quickly tender the policy limits.

K.M. Confidential Settlement (Tractor-Trailer collision) 
Tractor-trailer collision in Fulton County, Georgia resulting in facial scarring to a woman / military veteran.

J.M. Confidential Settlement (Tractor-Trailer collision) 
Tractor-trailer collision in Fulton County, Georgia resulting in substantial hand and arm scarring to a man / military veteran.


C.J. $90,000 (Client injured by a five gallon, glass water bottle that we alleged was improper for home/office use) 
Our client underwent two hand surgeries as a result of injuries suffered when a glass water bottle delivered to her office exploded in her hands. The client recovered, but missed a great deal of time from her job as a yoga instructor.

A.M. $90,000 (Assault at apartment complex) 
Our client was assaulted at her apartment complex, which had no prior criminal history. However, we were able to show that then-existing security measures were insufficient.

A.C. $87,000 (Child Burn Injury)
Our client, a 3 year old girl from Dekalb County, suffered a serious facial burn at a kiosk at Perimeter Mall. The kiosk employee offered to demonstrate a curling iron on the child and, unfortunately, did not handle it appropriately. Prior to a lawsuit being filed, the defendants offered very little money to resolve the case. The defendants increased their offer by almost three hundred percent just prior to our law firm deposing representatives of the at-fault company. We were able to show that the pay and bonus structure of the kiosk company encouraged their employees to “push” sales of the product, even on young children.

E.J. $50,000 – pro bono case
$50,000 recovered for our client, an infant, who was burned on the arm by scalding water at his day care. He suffered no permanent injury.

C.B. Insurance Policy Limits (Dog Attack)
Our firm represented a young boy who was brutally attacked by a dog in Banks County, Georgia. The injuries to the child’s face required surgery. Through investigation of the at-fault homeowner, we were able to locate witnesses who confirmed that the dog at issue was dangerous, known to be aggressive, and had attacked other children before mauling our client.

C.V. Confidential Settlement (Daycare facility negligence) 
Our client, a 10 month old infant, was burned on his hands and feet when daycare workers let him crawl around a scalding sidewalk. The child’s medical bills were approximately $100.00 and he suffered no residual scarring; however, we were able to secure a sizeable settlement as a result of our investigation of the facility, which revealed other incidents where children were injured at the daycare due to the employees’ negligence.


S.D. $80,000 (Medical malpractice, retained surgical sponge) 
Our client suffered a punctured lung during removal of a surgical sponge that was negligently left during abdominal surgery.

J.O. Confidential Settlement (Nursing Home Fall) 
Our client, an elderly nursing home resident in Riverdale, Clayton County, Georgia, was dropped from her wheelchair by a nursing assistant, resulting in facial scarring.

A.N. Confidential Settlement (IV Infiltrate / Hand injury to a newborn)
We represented the parents of a newborn undergoing IV therapy who suffered a substantial hand injury at a local Atlanta area hospital. We were able to show that the attending nurse failed to comply with the standard of care in monitoring the IV site, which lead to a substantial infiltration injury.

F.L. Confidential Settlement (Medical malpractice, retained surgical gauze) 
Our client suffered injuries, requiring a repeat surgery, after surgical gauze was negligently left in her abdomen.

E.B. Confidential Settlement (Nursing Home Fall / Fractured Hip)
We represented an elderly lady who was dropped by nursing home staff members when they attempted to move her from a wheelchair to her bed. This fall resulted in a fractured hip, a particularly serious injury in an elderly person. The facility employees told different stories about what occurred. Some people claimed that a transfer-assist device known as a “Hoyer Lift” broke, while others reported that our client was to blame for lunging out of her wheelchair. We exposed the “stories” for what they were—attempts to defect blame—and the facility settled the claim without the need for a lawsuit.

R.Y. Confidential Settlement (Assisted Living Facility / Hip Fracture)
Our firm represented an elderly lady who suffered a few falls at an assisted living facility in Cumming, Forsyth County, Georgia. The last fall resulted in a traumatically fractured hip, requiring surgery. Through our investigation, we were able to show that the facility’s charting with respect to our client’s falls was inconsistent. In addition, we argued that the facility did not take appropriate steps to safeguard the resident after becoming aware that she was a fall risk. Last, we secured a number of documents from the State of Georgia that showed that the facility at issue had a number of problems with resident oversight and protection.

You should keep in mind that every case is different. Our law firm handles each client’s matter based upon the particular needs of the case. The results cited above are examples of our work, but not necessarily predictive of any other claim.

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