IX. How Do I Select a Good, Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgia?

Lawyers, like doctors, specialize. Some handle business disputes, some handle real estate transactions, some handle family law matters, and some handle injury matters. Your cousin’s husband, who has spent the last 10 years handling contract cases, is probably not the right lawyer for a serious auto or trucking collision. Why? Injury cases present unique issues and challenges. These claims require a “know-how” which is often not possessed by attorneys who do not regularly handle these sorts of matters. Therefore, step one in selecting a good, reputable injury lawyer is to ensure that you contact someone who has years of experience handling the type of case for which you need help. You would not have back surgery with a surgeon who has never operated on anyone. So, it is not a good idea to have a lawyer who has never handled a trucking case represent you in connection with a tractor-trailer accident. Next, ensure that the lawyer you interview has plenty of past case results which prove his or her track record. Ask the lawyer if he actually worked on the cases or if he referred the cases to other lawyers. Unfortunately, many attorneys claim many outstanding results when, in actuality, the cases were handled by another firm on referral. Request past client references from the injury lawyer or see if she has a number of testimonials on the law firm’s website. The vast majority of the lawyer’s clients should be happy and satisfied at the conclusion of the claim/case. Further, inquire about legal community recognition. There are a number of peer-selected honors which a lawyer is eligible to receive (Georgia Trend/Legal Elite, SuperLawyers, Martindale Hubbell AV Rating). If he has no such honor or award, ask yourself why. Last, you need to feel comfortable with whomever you select. The attorney/client relationship is very important. You should feel good about picking up the phone for a conversation with your lawyer or meeting him at the office.

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