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My law firm handles a number of serious injury claims based upon tractor-trailer collisions in Georgia. After the client’s health is stabilized, one of the first questions I am asked is: How much is my claim worth? That question is usually followed by: Can we recover enough to cover the costs of my medical bills and time lost from work?

Any lawyer who has handled serious injury cases on a regular basis would have to tell you that the value of a claim is dependent on many different factors. First, whether or not the commercial truck was clearly, and totally, at fault in the wreck factors in the value of a claim. Next, the extent of injury clearly matters. Did your condition heal with physical therapy or will surgery be required? Further, will the injury–although technically healed–result in permanent, physical impairments or pain? It should be no surprise that the extent of, and permanency of, the physical injuries play a huge role in determining case value.

Also, trucking cases present a unique list of considerations which might dramatically impact the value of a case. Was the driver over the allowable numbers of hours? Was the driver qualified to be operating a commercial vehicle? Did the driver’s employer comply with legally-required oversight of the driver’s record? Did the driver undergo timely and appropriate post-accident drug and alcohol testing? There are numerous rules and regulations which tractor-trailer companies must follow both before and after accidents. Knowledge of these rules and regulations can greatly increase the value of a serious injury claim.

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