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Driving Under the Influence in Georgia is a major problem. Despite the state’s continued public service announcements and ‘crackdowns’ on unsafe driving, thousands of Georgians are injured each year by intoxicated drivers.

First, and most importantly, driving under the influence endangers innocent motorists, pedestrians, and passengers. Also, driving while intoxicated may physically injure the at-fault driver and may also substantially ‘injure’ the person’s wallet–DUI defense can costs thousands of dollars.

Many people believe that to be “driving under the influence” in Georgia, a person’s blood / alcohol content must be .08 grams or higher. This is a common misconception. First, a person can be DUI under Georgia law to the extent that alcohol or a drug makes it “less safe” for the person to drive. There is no minimum requirement in terms of alcohol or drug content. O.C.G.A. 40-6-391(a)(1) – (4). While less common, it should also be noted that glue, aerosols, or other toxic vapors may be counted as intoxicants for which a person might be charged under Georgia’s DUI laws.

Many Georgians know the ‘.08’ rule–that is, a blood alcohol content of .08 or more is legally considered to be intoxicating, regardless of whether the police officer who responds to a crash or pulls over a drunk driver believes that the driver is “less safe.” In other words, at .08 or above, you are legally intoxicated and will likely be charged with DUI.

Drivers who operate vehicles under the influence should remember that in addition to placing themselves in danger of severe criminal charges they are also exposing themselves to substantial civil liability. DUI crashes often result in punitive damage claims against the offending driver.

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