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Fall Care Plan

The fall care plan is a key tool used by the nursing home staff to recognize and address risk factors for a resident who is suspected a being a fall risk.

The fall care plan should include objective and verifiable goals about preventing falls and should then lay out strategies for meeting the goals. In addition to ideas for preventing falls, the plan should contain interventions to minimize injuries as a result of a fall, such as chair/bed alarms, bed-side mats, and hip pads.

Residents at high risk for falls should be evaluated by a number of different types of long-term care staff, not just the Director of Nursing. Staff should meet at least monthly, unless more frequent meetings are needed, in order to consider risk factors for falls and to identify measures to reduce the risk of falling and related injuries. Obviously, the staff should perform frequent evaluation in order to assess whether the fall prevention program they created is working and whether any modifications are needed.

Below is an example of an actual Fall Care Plan from one of our cases. Unfortunately, this Plan was inadequate and resulted in the death of a resident who suffered two falls within days of his admission to the nursing home in Georgia. This resident suffered two head-strikes as a result of his falls and died of the trauma to his head.

Example Fall Care Plan

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