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Motorcycle accident on road at night

A crash occurred on a busy road early on August 24. A car and a motorcycle collided on Clifton Road and Ponce De Leon Avenue in the early morning hours, leaving the motorcyclist with fatal injuries. The driver of the vehicle was taken into custody.

According to reports, a motorcyclist was driving in the area when a silver Porsche slammed into him from behind. The motorcyclist was dragged and pushed through the intersection. Residents of the area say that the intersection has been a problem for a long time. They claim that there has been an average of an accident a week in the area.


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motorcycle accident on the city street

A woman in Valdosta has been charged as the result of an early-August motorcycle accident that sent two people to local hospitals with injuries. The Georgia State Patrol announced the charges following the woman’s arrest.


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an accident with a motorcycle. traffic accident, skid marks and helmet on road

What would you do if you witnessed a car accident with severe injury? Would you rush to the scene to help? Many of us like to think we would render aid, but the truth is that we don’t really know how we will react until we are put in that situation. Thankfully, for one man, it wasn’t a single person that jumped into action following a motorcycle crash, but three. Those three people are being hailed as heroes and are credited for possibly saving the man’s life.


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young fitness woman runner athlete running on road

A police officer in DeKalb County was taken to a local hospital after an early-morning accident on July 25. A female jogger was also taken to a hospital following the accident. Here’s what happened, according to police reports.

The officer was responding to a call of a downed tree just before 7:30 a.m. As he was traveling down a local road, a vehicle attempted to make a left turn in front of his cruiser. The officer swerved to avoid a collision with that vehicle and, as a result, struck a pedestrian who was in a marked crosswalk.


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railroad rails

In February 2014, a young woman was killed on a movie set in Georgia. The woman was part of a film crew and was helping set up for a scene. The crew setting up did not have permission to be on a particular set of train tracks and a train came barreling down the track. That train struck the woman, ending her life.


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Handsome pizzaiolo making pizza at kitchen in pizzeria

Imagine owning your own business. You have the pleasure of being your own boss, and you have something, if it is successful, to hand down to your children or other family members. It seems like the American dream.

Until something comes along that puts a serious kink in your plans.


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People across the country walk their dogs every day without incident. We attach a leash to a collar or harness and take off down the sidewalk. It’s a great way to bond with our pets. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, as a man in Georgia recently found out.

The man was walking his dog near East Roswell Park early in the morning on Saturday, July 1. Two large dogs attacked the man’s small Bichon Frise and the owner attempted to fight them off. The man’s dog died as a result of the attack and the man sustained several injuries. He was treated at a local hospital.


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Female driver causing an accident on the road

A Columbia County Magistrate Court has denied bond for a woman charged with six felonies. The woman was charged with six counts of serious injury by vehicle after causing a crash. The woman is accused of being intoxicated while driving with six children in her vehicle, all unrestrained. The woman is also charged with 16 additional traffic violations.

The woman’s bond was originally set at $5,000, but was revoked after the injuries sustained by two of the children worsened. (more…)

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Portrait of a smiling family with two children at beach in the car

The beginning of summer has come and the season is in full swing. For many families, summer means road trips and even staycations. As temperatures rise, parents are being told to look twice before they walk away from their vehicles.

The Hot Cars Act of 2017 would make it a requirement for new cars to have safety equipment installed that would alert drivers to children in the backseat of vehicles. Until the bill passes, parents are urged to check the backseat before they leave their vehicles. (more…)

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An assistance dog is trained to aid or assist an individual with a disability

In a story that made national headlines, an emotional support dog bit a passenger in the face on a Delta flight originating in Atlanta. According to witnesses, the man sustained a bloody face due to injuries sustained in the bite. Crew rendered assistance to the man immediately. He was taken off the plane and to the hospital with “severe injury” to the face.

The mixed-breed dog was sitting in the middle seat with his owner. The victim of the bite was sitting in the window seat. Witnesses say that the dog had been growling at the victim, and the victim asked if the dog was going to bite him. He asked that question several times. It was not clear what had upset the dog or what caused the attack. (more…)

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