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Atlanta Motorists Injured By Sleep-Deprived Drivers

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Today, I received my third call within the last year from someone who was injured when a driver fell asleep, crossed into the wrong lane of travel, and caused a collision. I don’t know whether sleep-deprivation collisions are becoming more frequent or more reported. I do know that that my law firm has now received too many calls regarding injuries suffered after a driver has fallen asleep at the wheel.

While this issue has received some media attention over the last few years, I am starting to believe that auto wrecks caused by sleep-deprived drivers are a very significant problem in Georgia. Obviously, when a driver falls asleep while driving a car or, worse, a commercial truck, they lose total control of the vehicle and generally only come to a stop after a collision.

The only solutions to the drowsy driver issue involve common sense. If you are tired and can avoid driving, do so. If you are driving and feel that your energy level is affecting you, pull over. Take a few minutes and rest or get some coffee. The risk of continuing to drive drowsy is not worth it.

Another issue, which really deserves its own discussion, is diabetic/low-sugar induced collisions. My Atlanta personal injury law firm has handled a number of claims where diabetics failed to appropriately monitor their blood sugar, resulting in “passing out” at the wheel and, not surprisingly, a bad collision followed. Most recently, we represented a pharmacy student in Augusta, Georgia who was involved in a head-on collision with a driver of a commercial van who went into a diabetic coma. When the paramedics arrived at the scene, they found the van driver’s unused insulin in the middle compartment of his truck.

Whether it is sleep or needed medication, make sure you are prepared to drive safely.

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