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When a family places an elderly loved one in a nursing facility, they have a reasonable expectation that their family member will be kept safe and as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A nursing assistant in Georgia has been charged with crimes in connection with activity at Newnan Health and Rehabilitation.

According to reports, the arrestee’s actions led to a 98-year-old woman suffering a broken leg. As a result of the break, the woman had to undergo surgery. The woman died while the procedure was being completed. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the nursing assistant intentionally caused the woman’s injury.

The nursing assistant was arrested and charged with intimidation of an elderly person and aggravated battery and exploitation. He originally gave investigators an account of the incident that did not match up with the woman’s injuries. He later came clean, telling investigators that the woman had kicked out at him and he attempted to restrain her.

An autopsy was planned following the woman’s death. Investigators were looking to see just how the woman’s leg was broken and if she had suffered any other recent injuries. Investigators will also be looking into the nursing assistant’s past to determine if he had any other victims.

If you believe that a loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse in Atlanta, you can call 866-552-4464, a state hotline for assistance. You may also have a legal right to damages. Call our office today to schedule a free case evaluation and let us help you determine the best next steps. We are here for you and your family as you navigate this stressful situation.

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