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Atlanta’s highways are considered some of the most congested in the country. If you ask anyone who commutes through the city on a daily basis, they can attest to this fact. Whether you live in or near the city or are visiting on vacation, you will be sharing the roads with semi trucks, tour buses and other large vehicles. Driving near these trucks is not the same as driving near another car.

There are simple actions you can take to avoid being in a collision with a semi or causing a semi to hit someone else. Keep reading to discover more about how you can drive safely, and avoid an accident with a big rig.

1. Know the No Zones

You know where the blind spots are in passenger vehicles. What you may not know is that the entire area surrounding a semi could be called a blind spot. There are very few spaces alongside a large truck in which you are visible. If you are to the left of the truck, the lane immediately next to it is a blind spot.

If you are to the right, there is a large blind spot running diagonally back from the cab that crosses two lanes. There are additional blind spots in the front of the cab and to the rear of the vehicle. If you drive in any of these spaces, a driver can’t see you.

2. Be Mindful When Passing

You should always be able to see the truck driver’s eyes in their side mirror before you attempt to pass them. Be sure that you signal your intent to change lanes, accelerate as safely as possible and avoid staying in the blind spot. Don’t pull in front of the truck until you can see the driver in your rearview mirror.

If a truck is passing you, let it do so safely. Stay in the right lane and slow down just slightly so that the truck can pass you with ease. Give the truck plenty of room to get in front of you.

3. Don’t Cut Off a Truck

If you are merging onto the highway, don’t cut too closely in front of a semi. They may not have enough room to stop if they need to. If a truck doesn’t seem to be moving over to allow you to merge, slow down and get behind it. You may be irritated, but it doesn’t make sense to fight for space with a semi truck.

4. Give Them Room

A large vehicle turns differently than a typical passenger car. If you see that a truck is attempting to turn toward you, stop before the intersection so they have enough room to make their turn. If a truck ahead of you is going to turn either left or right, don’t get caught on the side of the trailer. When you don’t give a truck enough room to turn near you, you are likely the one who will suffer injury or property damage.

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Other things you can do is to stay focused, keep your patience and make sure you are buckled up. If you do find yourself involved in an accident with a semi truck in Atlanta, reach out to our office today. We will speak to you about your accident, and we will help you determine your next appropriate steps.

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