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When a truck accident happens in Cobb County, the results can be devastating. Outside of the actual city, there’s overall faster traffic, meaning semi trucks can collide with cars and other vehicles at a higher speed. This can lead to catastrophic injuries, and even death.

Marietta truck accident attorney Andrew E. Goldner has seen the effects of these wrecks firsthand. He’s helped dozens of victims recover compensation for the injuries they sustain. He’s always represented the victim, never the truck driver or the insurance company.

If you’ve been injured and need to speak with a truck accident lawyer in Marietta, call Andrew E. Goldner today at (404) 869-1580 for a free, no-obligation consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, lost wages, emotional suffering and more.

Steps to Take After a Marietta Truck Accident

If you drive through Marietta at all, you run the risk of getting in an accident with a semi truck. These huge vehicles play a crucial role in our economy, but they can also be very dangerous. That’s why it’s important to know what to do if you’re ever involved in an accident with one:

Step 1: Call 911 and Get Medical Treatment

Your first step should always be to call 911. Report what happened, and wait at the scene for police and medical help to arrive. If possible, move your car off the road. However, if it’s unsafe to do so, leave the car where it is.
Never refuse medical treatment at the scene. You may not realized you’re injured, and a medical professional can more accurately diagnose any injuries you’ve sustained. Not only is this important to your health, but denying medical help at the scene could make it harder to get full compensation if you decide to call a Marietta truck accident attorney and file a lawsuit.

Step 2: Gather Information

Assuming you aren’t too injured to do so, talk to the truck driver and get their truck and insurance information. When you’re talking to them, never apologize or otherwise admit fault. Similarly, when you’re speaking to the police, only give details of what you remember happening. Never give your opinion on the matter.
If you’re able, you should also take pictures of the scene. Snap photos of the damage to your car, damage to the truck, road conditions, weather conditions, etc. Take pictures of any injuries you sustained as well.

Step 3: Call Your Insurance Agent

Unfortunately, you will need to speak with your own insurer about the accident. When you call them, keep your answers brief. Simply describe what happened, and nothing else. Insurance companies are looking out for their bottom line more than anything, and they’ll try to use whatever you say to keep from paying you a fair amount.
If you ever feel uncomfortable about their questions, just tell them you need to speak with your Marietta truck accident lawyer before answering.

Step 4: Document Everything

The more evidence you have about your case, the better off you’ll be. Be sure that any photos you took are kept in a safe location.You should also keep records of all medical treatment you receive, as well as documentation from your mechanic regarding the repair of your vehicle. If you are missing time at work, write down how much money you’re losing.

A great option is to scan and upload all of these documents and photos to a cloud service. Though physical copies are always better, having backups in a location that can’t easily be destroyed or misplaced gives you further protection for the evidence your truck accident lawyer in Marietta will need.

Step 5: Call a Marietta Truck Accident Lawyer ASAP

If you have suffered an injury after being in a truck accident, you have rights. An experienced truck accident attorney in Marietta can help you get the compensation you deserve. They can identify who should be held liable for the accident, what kind of compensation you are entitled to, and other crucial factors.
In addition, they can file the lawsuit on your behalf to ensure everything is in proper order. A good Marietta truck accident lawyer will fight fully for your rights, even if that means going through a long trial process to get the full compensation you deserve.

Why are commercial trucks more dangerous than other vehicles?

The main difference is one of size. A fully loaded truck usually weighs between 70,000 and 80,000 pounds, while your typical passenger car weighs just around 3,000. Other differences may include the potential presence of hazardous or flammable materials or chemicals on trucks and the possibility of jackknifing with big rigs.

How is a truck accident different than an accident involving cars only?

Because commercial vehicles, like 18-wheeler trucks, are so much bigger and more dangerous than standard cars, truckers are required to carry more liability insurance. Their higher liability limits mean that more money is available to you in the event that an accident occurs and you are injured.

How is fault determined in a truck accident in Georgia?

In Georgia, fault is usually determined by examining whether there were traffic laws broken by the truck driver, most commonly speeding, in the course of the accident. Your attorney may also help you determine whether a third-party, perhaps the truck manufacturer or owner, was negligent in some manner. According to Georgia’s modified comparative negligence laws, you can only recover monetary damages if you are less than 50% at fault for the accident.

Can I sue the company the truck driver was working for?

In some cases, yes. If it has been determined that the trucking company for whom the driver works was negligent (for example, if they provided a badly maintained vehicle to the driver), that company may be liable for damages caused by the truck’s malfunctioning. The same goes for the truck manufacturer or even a mechanic that worked on the truck in question.

What is a truck’s “no-zone”?

A truck’s no-zones are the places around the truck where the driver is either unable, or finds it extremely difficult, to see other vehicles. Most commonly, these “no-zones” are to be found on either side of the cab, roughly 20 to 25 feet in front of the cab, or as much as 200 feet from the truck’s rear. Remember, if you cannot see the driver in the truck’s mirror, the truck driver cannot see you.

Why do I need a lawyer to represent me if I’m injured in a truck accident?

As is the case with many accidents involving semi-trucks, there are not only local laws but state and federal ones as well that need to be known and navigated. An experienced lawyer will help you to maneuver within this unfamiliar terrain; they stay up-to-date with changes in the laws in their practice areas and geographic locations. Beyond that, an attorney can help you collect evidence and find credible witnesses to back your claim as to the cause and result of your accident.

Is it okay to give the insurance company a statement after my accident?

No. It would be unwise for you to give any statement to the insurance company after your accident, as you will probably be shaken up and perhaps in a distracted state of mind. A recorded statement can, and most often, will be used against you in any subsequent court proceedings or settlement discussions. Your attorney can speak to the insurance company on your behalf to help you get the best settlement possible.

What if the accident was partially my fault? Can I still receive compensation?

Yes, even if the accident was partially your fault, a good lawyer in Georgia will be able to recover damages for you as long as it is determined that you were under 50% responsible for the accident, due to the state’s modified comparative negligence law.

What kinds of compensation can I recover from the accident?

Your car accident attorney can help you to recover your past and future medical costs of injuries sustained in the accident, property damage costs, wages lost from missing work, and standard pain and suffering damages.

Are there specific laws that govern truck drivers?

Absolutely. There are many state and federal regulations governing truck drivers, including those that mandate certain rest periods to take exhausted drivers off the roads, minimum hours of service, and the speeds which they can safely travel.


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Client Reviews

By: Jennifer F.

I was involved in an accident where a delivery truck ran a red light and hit my van. I injured my neck and needed surgery and I knew that I needed an attorney that would make sure me and my family were taken care of. Andy did just that! He walked us through each step and was always honest with us about what to expect. He was able to negotiate a great settlement without going to court and we are so grateful for everything he did for us!

Rating: ★★★★★5 / 5 stars

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