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O.B.      $1,050,000.00 (Dram Shop / Drunk Driving Collision)

We secured this policy limit settlement on behalf of an Atlanta Police DUI Task Force Officer who was critically injured by a drunk driver. Through discovery, we were able to prove that the driver had consumed a substantial amount of alcohol at a local sports bar and had been served drinks by a bartender with whom he had a personal relationship. After leaving the bar, the drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel and collided with our client, who was monitoring traffic from his police car on the side of the highway. Our client made a remarkable recovery, but the insurance company elected to tender the entire policy limit rather than face a trial.


  1. Family $208,500 (Family of five hit by a drunk driver, with three people suffering physical injuries)

Our clients’ total medical expenses were approximately $15,000 after this collision. We were able to secure a settlement of approximately fourteen times that amount by proving the egregious conduct of the drunk driver and locating key eyewitnesses.


  1. S. Insurance Policy Limits (Drunk driving / Car wreck)

Our firm represented a high school girl who was seriously injured when a drunk driver struck her car. The child suffered severe leg injuries, requiring surgeries and rehabilitation. Through in-depth discovery, we were able to uncover multiple applicable insurance policies and a substantial Medical Payments policy.


J.K.       Insurance Policy Limits (Drunk driving / Fatality)

Our law firm represented the family of an aspiring country music singer who was killed by a drunk driver in Henry County, Georgia. The singer was returning home late at night from a concert and was tragically killed when a driver, who was already on parole, crossed a double yellow line and caused a catastrophic wreck. Our law firm was honored to represent this family. We were also honored that a lawyer against whom we had previously litigated a brain injury case, suggested our firm as counsel for the family.


E.H.      Insurance Policy Limits (Drunk driving / Car wreck)

Our client, a minor, suffered a skull fracture and permanent loss of hearing in his right ear as a result of a wreck caused by his friend’s intoxicated driving. Our client was as a passenger in the car being driven by the drunk, underage driver.

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